Level Info – CA – BC. Prime Minister seeking legal advice on the feasibility of an inter-provincial travel ban, CBC News


The BC. The government is receiving legal advice to determine whether an inter-provincial travel ban would be feasible – and presumably whether it is constitutional – to further isolate the province as COVID-19 case numbers reach « dangerous » levels in other parts of Canada. p>

Prime Minister John Horgan said Thursday he and other leaders would be speaking on the issue later that day and Friday during a virtual two-day cabinet retreat this week, with the aim of determining the options the government can take – if available – until the end of the summit

« People have been talking about [a ban] for months, as you know, and I think it’s time to finally get it to bed and either say, ‘We can do it, and so we can do it it « or » we can’t, « said the Prime Minister

« We have tried our best to find a way to achieve this in a manner that is consistent with the Charter and other fundamental rights here in Canada so we sought legal advice »

BC.Case numbers are better than provinces like Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. In Ontario, a strict new home stay order came into effect at 12:01 p.m. local time counts as case counts rose B.C.It’s going down

An ambulance from Whistler, BC.joined calls for inter-provincial restrictions after seeing a « worrying » number of patients from Ontario and Quebec traveling west over the holidays

Horgan also confirmed the news that a number of Canadian politicians had traveled during their spare time, « creating a firestorm of frustration and anger » and restarting the ban debate

« To the ambulance and other British Columbians, I agree that [a ban] on the surface seems like a simple thing – just telling people not to come here. who we are as Canadians, « said the Prime Minister, adding that he had asked provincial leaders to urge people to stay home and not go to B.C.

Since the idea came up in spring, there have been questions about the constitutionality of a travel ban

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association filed a lawsuit against Newfoundland and Labrador last May after a woman was stopped at the border due to pandemic restrictions.The woman from Nova Scotia tried to cross the border to arrive earlier this month to attend her mother’s funeral

The lawsuit was filed under Section 6 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which deals with intra-country mobility rights

« This is about how everyone in Canada can move freely within Canada, » the woman’s attorney, John Drover, told CBC Newfoundland and Labrador this month

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Level Info – CA – BC. Prime Minister seeking legal advice on the feasibility of an inter-provincial travel ban, CBC News

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-premier-john-horgan-1.5872970

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