Level Info – GB – Richard Leonard resigns as Scottish Labor leader


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Mr Leonard left his role four months before his party’s election campaign against Holyrood

Last year, a handful of his own MSPs tried to oust him – causing fears about the direction of his leadership and polls suggesting the party is poised for a difficult outcome in May

Mr Leonard cautioned the discussion of his leadership as a « distraction » adding that « it is in the party’s best interest » that he resign

In a statement, he said: « I have thought long and hard about the holiday season, what this crisis means and how Scottish Labor is going about it to address it. I have also thought about what the speculation about my leadership is doing to our ability to deliver Labor’s message convey this has become a distraction

« I have come to the conclusion that it is in the Party’s best interests that I step down as Leader of Scottish Labor with immediate effect

« It wasn’t an easy decision, but after three years I think it’s the right one for me and the party

« I want to thank all those people who put their hopes in me and worked with me in good times and bad. This experience and the great people I have met will live with me forever. I owe all of those party members in particular who work tirelessly for the cause of work, a great debt

« I keep my confidence in the Labor Party as the party that offers hope to the people and that remains the only means to realize that hope. As I step down from the leadership today, the work continues and I will play my constructive role as MSP play to support Labor’s vision of a better future in a democratic economy and socialist society «  »

British Party leader Sir Keir Starmer thanked Mr. Leonard for his « unwavering commitment »

He said, « I would like to thank Richard for his service to our party and his unwavering commitment to the values ​​he believes in

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« Richard led Scottish Labor through one of the most challenging and difficult periods in our country’s history, including a general election and the pandemic

« He has also achieved a considerable amount from the opposition that he should be very proud of

« This includes securing a commitment to create a national care service, securing measures under an employment guarantee system to combat youth unemployment, securing a human rights-based public inquiry into the treatment of care home residents during the Covid pandemic, and securing support for a Fair Rents Bill to give tenants new rights

« I wish Richard all the best for the future as one of our MSPs and I know that he will continue to play an important role in Scottish Labor »  »

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EbeneInfo – GB – Richard Leonard resigns as Scottish Labor leader
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