Level Info – UK – Live: Coventry and Warwickshire are subject to Tier 3 Covid-19 restrictions


    The government will announce this morning at which stages Coventry and Warwickshire the latest Covid-19 plans will be admitted

    Each area of ​​the country will be divided into one of three levels when the second national lockdown occurs on Jan. December ends

    It will be a return to the animal system that was introduced earlier this year However, changes have been made to the restrictions for each level

    Matt Hancock will announce at around 11:30 am this morning that Coventry and Warwickshire will be rated either Tier 1, Medium Risk, Tier 2, High Risk, or Tier 3, Very High Risk

    Under the most stringent restrictions, many businesses, including pubs and restaurants, must remain closed unless they offer delivery or take-away services

    The decision will prove crucial before Christmas as companies seek to make up for lost trade during the coronavirus crisis

    In Coventry, infection rates have dropped and are now below 200 per 100000 inhabitants, the lowest rate in the city since early November This will be one of the key metrics that will be used in the government’s decision

    There is a north-south divide in infection rates in Warwickshire. Infection rates remain high in North Warwickshire, Nuneaton and Bedworth

    In the south of the county, the rates are lower and have led to the fact that the levels have to be divided by district and district rather than county borders

    We’ll be posting live updates on the announcement and responses from across Coventry and Warwickshire here

    West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson responded to news that the West Midlands will be subject to Tier 3 restrictions once the national lockdown ends

    « As I support the government in their efforts to save lives and bring the spread of Covid under control, I feel for all of those in our region who have already sacrificed so much I understand what a cruel blow this has been latest news will be

    « I know the vast majority will follow the previous rules and I am extremely grateful for that

    « I also want to reassure people that the West Midlands Police will continue to support people and help them comply with the new rules »”

    The news that Coventry has Tier 3 restrictions is a « disaster » for the city’s pubs, said a member of the local CAMRA office

    There are fears what this could mean for the future of pubs – read the full story here

    The management of the Coombe Abbey Hotel has spoken of its « sadness » in Warwickshire, which is classified as Tier 3 under new lockdown rules

    The hotel’s general manager, Ron Terry, said: « Following the news that Warwickshire has been rated Tier 3, I am deeply sad to say that the Coombe Abbey Hotel will not reopen after the end of the second national lockdown. » / p>

    « We will of course be following all government guidelines for the coming weeks and will be monitoring the situation extremely closely, and look forward to hearing what will be said when it comes to May 16 December will be reviewed

    « As a result of this dire situation, a number of events will again be affected and our staff have already started contacting all those affected by the measures to discuss the next steps with them »

    Mr Terry said the hotel’s coffee shop and kiosk would continue to be open for take-out food and drink

    He added, « Our cafe and kiosk will remain open during the Tier 3 lockdown at Coombe Abbey Park, with a take-away option for visitors

    « Of course we are very sorry and we are doing everything we can, but I call on everyone to be patient again during this difficult time »

    If you’re unsure about the in-depth rules you live in, here’s a quick check:

    In areas like Stratford, infection rates are consistently low compared to areas in other parts of the county, but they will also come under Tier 3 restrictions next week

    Clarification related to an earlier post that betting shops in Tier 3 areas could not stay open – in fact they can

    A change in government rules means that betting shops on major roads in Tier 3 areas can remain open

    The Betting and Gambling Council has welcomed the government’s decision to allow the reopening of betting shops in Tier 3 areas – albeit with strict restrictions

    Boris Johnson confirmed the move when he gave details of how England would be from 3 December will come out of national lockdown

    Right now, betting shops are the only part of the non-essential retail on Main Street that has to close its doors in Tier 3 areas

    Under the new regime, they are allowed to stay open with some restrictions, including restrictions on customers, removing chairs and a ban on live sports

    These complement existing anti-Covid measures, which include hand sanitizer, screens, Track & trace systems, and strict social distancing

    Michael Dugher, General Manager of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) said, “This is great news for our customers in communities across much of England and for the thousands of people who work at betting shops on Main Street

    « I know how hard the DCMS in particular has fought for its sectors, and the Ministers deserve our sincere thanks

    « In addition to the strict anti-Covid measures that betting shops already adhere to, our members have agreed further restrictions to limit the likelihood of Covid transmission on their premises

    “We are now looking forward to England’s suspension next week The betting shops are contributing to the treasury again and helping to drive the country’s economic recovery ”

    The annual Fargo Village Winter Vegan Festival was supposed to be happening this weekend, but according to today’s announcement, they have put the event online

    The team wrote on their Facebook page: « This weekend should be one of my favorite weekends of the year – our Winter Vegan Festival. But thanks to the » virus that must not be named « , the events team made the brilliant decision to bring him put online !! How cool is that?

    « Please visit the FarGo Villages website on the weekend and support our great vegan retailers

    « We can hardly wait for our vegan festivals to be there again Take a look at our favorite pictures from our past vegan trade fairs so you know what to look forward to « 

    CoventryLive has launched a campaign to help local distributors at this worrying time. Here’s how you can get involved

    With Coventry in Tier 3, rugby fans across the city have also had to wait months for their first taste of live sport

    Both Coventry Rugby at Butts Park and Wasps at Ricoh will continue to play their home games behind closed doors

    In light of the news, the Sky Blues released the following statement: “Unfortunately, following the government announcement that Birmingham will fall under Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions, Coventry City Sky Blues supporters will not be able to resume St Andrew’s still

    « The wider return of fans to limited football stadiums is welcome, and we look forward to welcoming our fans back to our games when we are able to.

    « Coventry City will work with Birmingham City and the local security agencies to continue our preparations so that supporters can return safely when they are eligible

    « We hope this happens soon and will continue to keep fans informed of the situation as best we can »

    Coventry Market has confirmed they will remain open under the new Tier 3 restrictions A spokesperson told CoventryLive: « The market will remain open during Tier 3 and all companies will return unless the government recommendation changes We would urge the public to support their local market » »

    Traders announced to CoventryLive last week that they saw a drop in trade of approx 70% would have recorded One trader, Baguette Bakery, said it was forced to decide whether to stay open with little trade or to close and get no support at all

    Following the announcement that Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull will be placed in Tier 3, the Federation for Small Business (FSB) – a group that represents small businesses – said it was « disappointed »

    FSB West Midlands Chairman Rich Bishop said: “We are extremely disappointed that Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull will face the highest restrictions for at least two weeks

    « In the run-up to Christmas, this is devastating to our many pubs, hotels, restaurants, and other related industries, which will be hard hit by these measures when they are typically the busiest

    « The owners and employees of these companies have done everything they can throughout the pandemic to keep customers safe and spent huge sums of money making their venues Covid-proof just to face this news

    « You will, of course, abide by the restrictions, but today’s news will be heartbreaking for you. We can only hope that two weeks’ time from the review it will bring enough progress to allow for a shift in the Tier system”

    The hospitality industry has had a terrible year and with Warwickshire Tier 3 restrictions it continues

    Business leaders in Coventry and Warwickshire say the hospitality sector in the region will bear the brunt of the new coronavirus restrictions announced today

    Both Coventry and Warwickshire have been classified as Tier 3 This means that non-essential retail stores can reopen, but venues such as pubs, restaurants, hotels, and other leisure and entertainment venues will remain closed

    Louise Bennett, executive director of the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, said this was another major blow to the sector in the region

    She said, « We have been saying from day one that safety must come first and companies across the region worked incredibly hard at the end of the initial lockdown to keep Covid safe

    « We were hoping the city and county would be ranked Tier 2 at the end of this lockdown to give our hospitality and event businesses the ability to operate at this crucial time of year

    Matt Western, the Labor MP from Warwick and Leamington, tweeted his reaction to the announcement:

    « London in Tier2 Warwick and Leamington (along with the whole of Warwickshire) in Tier3 How? And don’t understand why we partnered with Coventry and Solihull This will seriously damage our local economy »

    London in Tier2 Warwick and Leamington (along with all of Warwickshire) in Tier3 And don’t understand why we partnered with Coventry and Solihull This is going to seriously damage our local economy # Lockdown3 #tiersystem

    The chairman of Coventry City Council has called the decision to place the city in Tier 3 a « kick in the teeth »

    When he responded to the announcement, he told the Local Democracy Reporting Service, « It’s total nonsense and a kick in the teeth for the people of this city

    « The signs were that we should be in Tier 2 and we have always kept that case

    Read his full comments here I think it’s fair to say he’s expressing frustration that is being shared across town this afternoon

    « According to today’s government announcement, Coventry has been placed in Tier 3 restrictions, which means it will not be able to perform indoor. Our team is currently contacting anyone who is aged 16 or over Have booked December for shows or events. Please contact us while we work this through « 

    Following today’s government announcement, Coventry has been placed in Tier 3 restrictions, which means it will not be able to perform indoors.Our team is currently contacting anyone who is by Jan. Have booked December for shows or events please get in touch while we work this through

    From December onwards, Christmas will be on everyone’s lips, whether residents are planning how they want to see their family or business in hopes of maximizing trade at the end of an incredibly tough year

    An organization representing corporate interests across the UK says Midland-level decisions will « leave some companies hanging by a thread »

    The Federation of British Industries spoke today following the government’s recent announcement that West Midlands and Warwickshire will be placed in the toughest Tier 3 category

    Richard Butler, West Midlands CBI Regional Director, said, « For many companies in the West Midlands, waiting for a vaccine will feel like an interrupted animation

    « Some parts of the economy, such as retail, may reopen and work towards recovery. It gives our main highways an opportunity to save part of the important festive trading period

    « But for other companies, the persistent restrictions in stages 2 and 3 will make their survival hang by a thread. Hospitality remains frozen and supply chains that cross regions at different levels are affected, even if they are not directly restricted

    “It is important that these companies get the financial support they need to get through by the spring. Clarity on ongoing employment support, including the job retention bonus, will help create as many jobs as possible To Protect Businesses need to know ahead of time what support will be available through March and beyond, rather than getting it hooked

    « Lessons must be drawn from previous local locks. Boundary lines between different levels must work on the ground. Trigger points for leaving the higher levels must be transparent

    “These decisions need to be clearly communicated every two weeks and made jointly between local, regional and national executives. Most importantly, the evidence needs to be open and transparent – the cost of jobs is only justified if it has a significant impact on health

    “Liverpool’s move to Tier 2 is clear evidence that on-site mass testing can make a real difference

    « So there is encouraging news on rapid mass testing and vaccines, and it is important to protect jobs and companies that are about to end »”

    The government has announced which areas of local authority will be tiers when the national lockdown ends next week

    In our region, Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull are all in Tier 3, the strictest restriction

    Only the areas with the lowest infection rates, lower rates below the age of 60 and less pressure on the NHS are in Tier 1

    The City of Culture team tweeted that they were reviewing Coventry Glides about their ice rink event, which will be held Nov. December should be held at Coventry Cathedral

    Following the announcement that Coventry will start operating on Jan. December is subject to Level 3 COVID restrictions, the Coventry City of Culture Trust team is working with partners on Coventry Glides to determine if the event can go ahead as planned.We will let you know as soon as we have an update on BildTwittercom / 3tigtRtrLV

    They wrote: « Following the announcement that Coventry would start on March 2 December is subject to Tier 3 COVID restrictions, the Coventry City of Culture Trust team is working with partners on Coventry Glides to see if the event can go ahead as planned. We will let you know as soon as we have an update « 

    While some areas of Warwickshire have high rates, infections in general have declined across the county as well as Coventry and Solihull

    Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull: “The fall rate in this area remains at 236/100000 very high (although it is falling) The fall rate in the 60s and over remains at 182/100000 very high There is a clear upward trend in fall rates in the over 60s in three of the seven local authorities. Positivity is 90% The pressure on the local NHS remains high ”

    There has been much discussion in Warwickshire, including above. The county is fairly divided between north and south in terms of rates

    But as expected, the entire county has been placed in Tier 3 restrictions, and it will be a hammer blow to everyone, and those in areas where infection rates have dropped will feel pretty hard done by

    Enter your zip code here and we will tell you which level you are under and which rules you have to follow

    Matt Hancock said the action is necessary given the « scale of the threat » the UK is facing

    He told the Commons: « The majority of England will be in Tier 2, but in a significant number of areas I have to fear that they will have to be in Tier 3 to bring the case rates down »

    « Now I know how difficult this is, both for areas that have long been restricted like Leicester and Greater Manchester, and for areas that have seen falls like Bristol, the West Midlands and Kent » / p>

    « The full allocations were released this morning and were made in a ministerial written declaration just before this statement began »

    He added, « I understand the implications of these measures, but they are necessary given the scale of the threat we are facing »

    So we know Coventry and Warwickshire will be at least until Nov. December will be living under the toughest restrictions

    In a ministerial written statement that included the breakdown of the levels, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, « Thanks to everyone’s collective sacrifice over the past few weeks, we have been able to get the virus back under control while respecting national controls and slowing growth, which means the pressure on the NHS is eased a bit

    « We will do this by going back to a regional tiered approach and saving the toughest measures for those parts of the country where the prevalence is still too high

    “The tiering approach provides a framework which, if firmly applied, should avoid the need for stricter national measures

    « On the 2nd December we will lift national restrictions across England and the following restrictions will be relaxed:

    “2 Non-essential retail stores, gyms, and personal care reopening The broader leisure and entertainment sectors are reopening as well, albeit to varying degrees

    “4 People will no longer be restricted to seeing another person in the open air, where rule 6 now applies

    “The new regulations define the restrictions that apply at each level. We have taken into account SAGE’s recommendations on the impact of the previous levels in order to strengthen the measures in the levels and enable the areas to move to lower levels more quickly”

    Coventry, Warwickshire, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Coronavirus

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