Level Info – USA – Captain America Eyes returns to the MCU as Chris Evans nears the deal to take on the role again on the future Marvel project


EXCLUSIVE: In a move that is sure to rock the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sources tell Deadline that Chris Evans removed the dust from his Captain America attire as he expected the role in the MCU in repeating some form still vague when the deal is so completely closed, but insiders say Evans will be heading back in that direction, returning for a second film at at least one open door Marvel mansion as Steve Rogers aka Captain America, sources said add that it is unlikely to be a new episode of Captain America and that it is more likely to be what Robert Downey Jr did after Iron Man 3, in films like Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming

Evans had been very public that he would hang the sign after Avengers: Endgame, with Marvel going so far that the character passed the sign on to Anthony Mackie’s character at the end of the film when he passed the torch type on when things had the moment changed in recent months when the idea arose that Evans would return to the MCU as Rogers to see if there was any interest, and as the weeks went on, Evans became more playful of the idea, with the two sides at the forefront were united of the year

How he can return is still unclear and still being worked out, but the possibilities are limitless over the years, even after a character’s movie franchises ended, Marvel has found a way to fit them into other properties in the MCU, and with the addition of new Disney Plus limited-edition series, even more traits are added that he could return to if It Ain’t His Own Movie Whatever that path may be, fans are sure to be empowered knowing that they will see the return of a character they thought would not be back anytime soon

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EbeneInfo – USA – Captain America Eyes Return To The MCU when Chris Evans is about to take on the role in the future Marvel project

Source: https://deadline.com/2021/01/captain-america-eyes-return-to-the-mcu-as-chris-evans-nears-deal-to-reprise-role-in-future-marvel-project-1234672430/

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