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Google completed its $ 2 billion purchase of Fitbit, more than a year after the deal was first announced.The EU approved the acquisition in late December, paving the way for Google’s ownership of what is perhaps the most iconic brand for mainstream fitness tracking devices James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, reiterated in a letter today that Fitbit will continue to be device independent, making products that work with both iPhones and Android devices

Both Park and Google’s Rick Osterloh reiterated that this deal was always about “devices, not data”. « This is an acronym for Google and Fitbit’s promise to keep user data private in the future Park said that “Fitbit users’ health and wellness data will not be used for Google ads, and that data will be kept separate from other Google ad data”

It’s not yet clear how Fitbit will change under Google’s ownership So far, the brand seems to continue to differ from Google.That’s what it looked like when Google bought Nest – however, the smart home brand eventually lost its status as a standalone company and is now just a sub-brand of Google’s hardware division when the deal was first Announced, Osterloh noted that the deal was an opportunity for the company to make “Made by Google” wearables, and comments from Osterloh and Park made it sound like future devices would run Google’s own Wear OS software means Fitbit’s software will be completely replaced by Google’s software on future devices remains to be seen

Fitbit didn’t take last year off, releasing the Sense fitness watch back in September.It’s probably the most advanced device Fitbit has made to date, with a host of new health monitoring features like EDA and skin temperature sensors, as well as an updated heart rate monitor Das Sense also has a lot better battery life than Samsung and Apple watches, although it’s also a lot slower when launching apps or swiping through the user interface.The Sense is also now the last major product Fitbit released before the acquisition of Google So we will now check how long it takes for Google’s influence to show up in new products

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EbeneInfo – USA – Google now owns Fitbit
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