Level Info – USA – Harold N Bornstein, Trump’s former personal doctor, dies at the age of 73


He confirmed that President Trump would be the « healthiest president ever » but it was later expelled from its orbit

Dr Harold N Bornstein, who was President Donald J’s personal physician for a while and who had confirmed that Mr. Trump would be « the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency » died on Friday He was 73 years old

His death was announced in a paid notice in the New York Times on Thursday The notice did not give a reason or where he died

talkative, hirsute and eccentric, Dr The gastroenterologist Bornstein was Mr. Trump’s personal physician from 1980 to 2017. He had Mr. inherited Trump as a patient of his father Dr Jacob Bornstein, with whom he shared a doctor’s office on Park Avenue and 78th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

If Mr. Trump was elected President in 2016, Dr Bornstein had hoped to be named a White House doctor and suggested it to a longtime Trump aide but he was banned from Trump orbit after telling the Times that the president was taking medication to grow his hair

Dr Bornstein became public knowledge in December 2015 during his famous patient’s presidential campaign

Mr Trump, a Republican, had implied that Hillary Clinton, his likely Democratic opponent, did not have the stamina to serve as president. In response to questions about his own health, he ordered Dr. Bornstein is supposed to issue a full medical report ???? Mr Trump predicted that although he would be 70 when he took office, the oldest president ever inaugurated, the report would show that his health was « perfection « â ????

He soon published a four paragraph letter written by Dr Bornstein said his blood pressure and unspecified laboratory test results were « amazingly good » and that his strength and endurance were exceptionalâ ????

Exaggeration more often with Mr Trump as being with the medical profession, the letter added, « If elected, Mr. I can say in no uncertain terms that Trump will be the healthiest person ever to be elected to the presidency »

The statement that Dr Bornstein insisted he had written and brought him a lot of publicity. As time went on, the news media interviewed him on other topics

In a series of interviews with The Times in 2017, he said that President Trump was taking a prostate drug, Propecia, to encourage hair growth the same drug that Dr Bornstein himself tried to maintain his own shoulder-length locks

He told the Times that he had no contact with Mr. Trump, since he became president and the White House hadn’t asked him, Mr. Trump’s medical records, as new administrations traditionally do

Dr Bornstein later told NBC News that two days after the Times article appeared, three representatives of Mr. Trump had « attacked » ???? his office and took all of Mr. Trump’s medical records.They also told him to remove a picture he shared with Mr. Trump

White House officials told NBC that there was no raid and that the men had consulted the president’s medical records as « standard operating instructions. » and that Dr Bornstein had been cooperative

Still, Dr Bornstein said he felt he was being punished for speaking to The Times.He said Rhona Graff, Mr. Trump’s longtime executive assistant and senior vice president of the Trump Organization called him after the article appeared and said, « So you wanted to be the White House doctor? » Forget it, you’re outâ ????

After this series of events that took place over a couple of years, Dr Bornstein finally said publicly in 2018 what many had always suspected: that Mr. Trump himself had written the letter in which he said he would be the healthiest president ever

Harold Nelson Bornstein was born on 3 March 1947 in New York City as the son of Dr. Jacob and Maida (Seltzer) Bornstein From an early age he wanted to become a doctor like his father. A photo in his office showed him as a smiling boy who was holding a stethoscope on a teddy bear in his hand This is evident from a 2016 profile on the medical news website STAT while in high school he played in a band called Doc Bornstein and the Interns

Dr Bornstein moved to Tufts outside of Boston in 1968 and graduated with a degree in medicine in 1975. He was very attached to the university, which 19 members of his extended family had attended over the years. He made an extravagant figure on campus; was a good student, if disrespectful; and wrote poems under the pseudonym Graf Harold

Dr Bornstein eventually joined his father in his Manhattan practice and had privileges at Lenox Hill Hospital, also on the Upper East Side.His father once had in Jamaica, Queens, near Mr. It is believed that Trump’s youth home and a patient of Jacob Bornstein introduced her to the elder Dr Bornstein died in 2010 at the age of 93

Dr Bornstein was proud of the concierge practice he ran with his father for more than 50 years « My greatest successes » In a 2017 interview with a Tufts Medical School alumni magazine, he said: « I have managed care -Avoided medicine and refused to have the conservative beard and haircut my parents thought was necessary for successâ ????

Dr Bornstein, who lived north of New York City in Scarsdale, NYwas married three times, most recently to Melissa Brown, who survived him. He is also survived by a daughter, Alix; two sons who are also doctors, Robyn and Joseph; and two other sons, Jeremee and Jackson, according to the published obituary

Dr Bornstein was initially pleased with the attention he received as Mr. Trump’s personal physician, although his notoriety later bothered him and his family

The back of his business cards, STAT reported, contained his name and underneath, in Italian, the sentence « Dottore Molto Famoso » a???? Very famous doctorâ ????

Donald Trump, Harold Bornstein

EbeneInfo – USA – Harold N Bornstein, Trump’s former personal doctor, dies at the age of 73
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Harold N Bornstein, former Trump& personal doctor, dies aged 73

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/14/nyregion/harold-bornstein-dead.html

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