Level Info – USA – Report: Chris Evans’ Captain America returns in the future Marvel project


Deadline reports that Chris Evans, who appears to have bowed for good from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, handed Captain America’s coat over to Anthony Mackie.Sam Wilson in Avengers: Endgame is currently in talks about his Repeating role as Steve Rogers in a future MCU project. What that means is everyone’s guess

Now that they did their part to save the universe in Avengers: Endgame, Sam Wilson and Bucky

The capacity that Evans would return in is currently unknown, but Dealer notes that the deal is currently on a new Marvel project – explicitly not a new Captain America movie – with the potential for another related project in addition, the role appears to be Robert Downey Jr Similar to appearances as Tony Stark in the Spider-Man films from Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios

Leading up to Endgame, Evans had made it pretty clear that he thought his time in the role that shot him into the Hollywood stratosphere over the past decade was over. More recently, the actor has tended to take a vague approach, to possibly return as the First Avenger, referring to the closure Steve received in Endgame – return through time and multiversal gadgets to live a life of romantic bliss with a version of his first love for Peggy Carter – could be crushed by his return

« It’s not a heavy no, but it’s also not an eager yes, » the actor told Marvel alum Scarlett Johansson in a November 2019 interview for Variety. « There are other things I’m working on right now, and those Worry is you don’t want to, I think Cap had such a tricky bow to hold the landing and I think they did a really good job making him finish his trip ”

io9 reached out to Marvel for a comment on the report and will update this post if we hear anything

« You never say never » was Chris Evans’ answer to colleague Scarlett Johansson when she asked if

I know no one can play the same role forever, especially a superhero role, but Chris Evans really got Captain America that I would be happy to see him in it again if only one more Super Mega Bonus Points if Peggy is back too

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EbeneInfo – USA – Report: Chris Evans’ Captain America returns in future Marvel project

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