LevelInfo – GB – Ferencvaros 0-3 Barcelona: Barca cruise to victory without Messi


    Posted: 21:54 GMT, 2 December 2020 | Updated: 12:23 AM GMT, Nov. December 2020

    Barcelona have shown once again that Lionel Messi can have a night off in the Champions League and the world won’t end

    Last week they placed four after Dynamo Kiev without him, this time it was three in Budapest against Ferencvaros

    Antoine Griezmann took the baton and delivered the first with a clever streak.Martin Braithwaite wasn’t far from scoring the second – his fourth in three games, and Ousmane Dembele got the third, finishing the game in the armband

    Jordi Alba’s cross from the left was thrown into the net by Antoine Griezmann at the start

    Ferencvaros: Dibusz, Botka, Blazic, Frimpong, Dvali, Heister (Lovrencsics 64), Isael, Siger (Laidouni 64), Somalia (Kharatin 82), Uzuni (Baturina 71), Nguen (Mak 71)

    Barcelona: Neto, Dest, Mingueza, Lenglet (Alena 65), Jordi Alba (Firpo 45), Pjanic, Sergio Busquets (de Jong 45), Trincao, Griezmann (Puig 45), Dembele, Braithwaite (de la Fuente 80 ))

    Griezmann scored the first goal with a back heel from a cross from Jordi Alba It was his third in three games and Barcelona were on their way

    In the 21st In the 2nd minute, Dembele crossed from the left and Braithwaite finished the game from close range with 2-0

    He’s playing with the plans of Ronald Koeman, who was a forgotten man at the start of the season

    Barcelona scored in the 28 Minute again when Braithwaite raced clear and was overthrown by Abraham Frimpong Dembele took the ball and sent it past Denes Dibusz

    Braithwaite was shot in goal by Frimpong at every opportunity. He could have done four but he shot far

    David Siger threw a shot in the second half just five minutes from time when the Hungarians started the second half better, but Barcelona were soon back on the attack and Dembele ran from the center line to the edge of the six-yard box the ball at his feet

    He finished the runaway and pulled his shot out of bounds, but it was a setback for the Dembele, who first showed up in Barcelona before injuries slowed him down

    Next he ran to the left and almost found Braithwaite with a cross that went just above the Dane

    When Clement Lenglet was 65 Minute went off the pitch, Dembele also took the armband as the oldest Barcelona player on the pitch Koeman is doing his best to win over a player who seemed lost to the cause and Dembele responded

    Inevitably, Barcelona’s foot was off the accelerator by now Roko Baturina headed into the goal and Neto had to dove to the left to avoid the strain. Dembele persisted and tried to fend off Francico Trincao, but the Portuguese sent his shot from close by

    Dembele wouldn’t be Dembele without making at least one absurd decision for every five inspired, and with six minutes to go, substitute Riqui Puig played him in to score with the gaping goal trying to reproduce it for Puig and Ferencvaros cleared there was one too late rag that shot far up and down from a Puig pass

    The slowdown in the second half and the failure to add more goals shouldn’t detract from performance. Barcelona go into the final week of the Champions League group stage with a secured top spot – how much their big rivals Real Madrid would like to be in that position

    Barca boss Ronald Koeman grabs Braithwaite’s hands on the way off the field

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