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    Celebrity Big Brother star Big D appeared in a very energetic video just a week before his death telling fans a story about being arrested during a boxing match

    Celebrity Big Brother star Heavy D addressed his loyal fans in an energetic video just a week before his sudden death

    The Storage Hunters star – real name Colin Newell – passed away this week at the age of 43, his friend confirmed

    His friend Nick Nevern posted on Twitter today: « I am very shocked that & is saddened that my friend @HeavyHeavyd passed away

    « You lived your life the way you wanted it for &, for anyone who didn’t like it! You always put a smile on my face, brother & saved every room you were in #RIPHeavyD »

    Heavy D, also known by the nickname Boominator, regularly posted videos under the name YouTube

    In his last post from 14 November he told of the time when he was arrested during a boxing match

    He said it wasn’t long after the call that he was going to go on Celebrity Big Brother

    He says he was warned by the producers to stay out of trouble in the run-up to the series, otherwise he would risk losing his place in the famous house

    Heavy D said when they were at the event that he wanted to « take his risk » by walking through the crowd to the VIP area and that he knew how to deal with the crowd

    « Hold your nut down and just go, » he said, « Don’t stop for photos because if you stop for one you will be there all night »

    Heavy said he told them to follow his example and not make eye contact with anyone so they could get into the VIP area

    But they were spotted and less than a minute later fans started shouting their names, forming a huge crowd around them to ask for photos

    He said the police, or « Old Bill » as he put it, just watched and laughed

    Heavy said he was trying to move her through the crowd when someone grabbed him, headlocked him, and tried to video him

    He said, « I said ‘what happened?’ He tries to ambush me on film and camera. I didn’t. I turned around and said to the old calculation: “What are you going to do about it?” Nothing

    Heavy said it was not his « proudest moment » or « best hour » but « everyone has a breaking point »

    He said he felt he had « no choice » because someone tried to ambush him in the movie and that he had to make a « quick decision » whether to react or give the guy « the p ** » s should be taken out of it

    He continued: « I chose Plan B, I gave him a little slap on the face, he withdrew, Old Bill said ‘right, you stole!’

    « I said, ‘What do you mean, that I was stolen? You’ve been standing there for the last 10 minutes, you’ve done everything I’m reacting, he headlocked me, which is an attack I react by giving him a small slap and you want to steal me? ‘ »

    Heavy said he was handcuffed and taken to a police station from the event At this point he began to worry about his upcoming stint at CBB

    He said he told the police he had « something big ahead of him, » although he couldn’t say what because he had signed a nondisclosure agreement

    He said he didn’t want « that little p *** k » to spoil it for him, and he tried to get the police to identify with him by pointing out that people often do them filming even without their permission while they are doing their job

    Heavy says he asked how « fair » it was for him to be arrested as it would affect his job

    He said it got cleaned up at some point and told the officers, « Listen, mate, I’m going to Celebrity Big Brother in a couple of months and so I don’t want bad publicity, indictment or anything like that »

    He said the officer had told him it was his « lucky day » and that he would only be fined £ 40 and nothing would be put on his file

    He ended the video by telling his fans they have to be « strong » if people are trying to get a reaction out of them

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    level info – GB – Heavy D’s last video a week before death when he talked about the arrest

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