LevelInfo – GB – Skyrim is reportedly running at 60 FPS on Xbox Series X with this mod


    We are all aware that backward compatibility on Xbox Series X (and Series S) is fantastic, but unfortunately, games with frame rate caps are still forced to run at 30 frames per second in certain cases

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of those games, but it also supports fan-made mods that reportedly allow you to override the frame rate and play the game at 60 FPS using an in-game mod called Uncap FPS can

    It’s worth noting that we didn’t test this So try it at your own risk If you enable the mod, the achievements will appear to be disabled Even so, it appears to be producing impressive results on Microsoft’s new console

    However, if you can wait, we expect Bethesda to officially improve Skyrim for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Optimizations for DOOM Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online are already in the works

    Have you tried this mod? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below

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    Be careful if this is your first time playing this I think mods disable achievements

    Bought this on 360, PS3, PC, PS4, PSVR Still never completed I’ve always encountered a bug that prevented it from being possible but was always bought for the next machine in the hope that this is the one that works It felt different every time I played, but I realized that I should leave Bethesda games alone. The same problem occurred with Fallout 4 and I couldn’t finish the game either, too bad I’m enjoying which ones Parts of the game can be played Would hate to see how many hours that is in total!
    Edit: I have to admit, the PSVR reason was that I felt too sick running and just had to run No chance I would complete it like that

    Got it on the 360, got it on Steam, got it for Steam VR My VR headset is dead but a new one is pre-ordered I kind of wanted to buy it again x 3 Combo on Switch Black Friday sale for motion controls, but the new VR headset will come at some point

    A preview of the inevitable next-gen port that they charge you for and that is dumb enough to buy, right?

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    Level Info – GB – Skyrim is reportedly running with this mod on Xbox Series X at 60 FPS

    Source: https://www.purexbox.com/news/2020/11/skyrim_reportedly_runs_at_60fps_with_this_mod_on_xbox_series_x

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