LevelInfo – USA – Blue Origin launched its new West Texas Shepard vehicle this morning


Blue Origin launched its new Shepard missile system from West Texas on Thursday morning, marking its 14th Flight in a program that aims to take people past the space threshold and back during a journey that is said to be a little over 10 minutes

These launch-tested features are used by the company when people are launched This included improvements to the acoustics and temperature regulation in the capsule, crew display panels, and speakers with a microphone and a push-to-talk button on each Seat

Mannequin Skywalker – Blue Origin’s infamous mannequin that was the only « person » to drive the New Shepard – on one of the six seats of the crew capsule

Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, is developing the reusable suborbital vehicle to carry research and people more than 100 km above the planet This pushes them past the Kármán Line, largely identified as the boundary of space

New Shepard has previously conducted research and technology demonstrations into space, including an autonomous plant growth system for microgravity and NASA technology that could enable precise and soft landings on the moon, but has not yet brought humans to life

The last launch before this week was on October 13, 2020 Before that, it launched on Dec. 11, 2019

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EbeneInfo – USA – Blue Origin launched its New Shepard vehicle from West Texas this morning

Source: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/space/article/Watch-Blue-Origin-launch-its-New-Shepard-vehicle-15869950.php

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