LevelInfo – USA – Riz Ahmed reveals his wife’s identity after the marriage is announced


The actor who announced this week that he was secretly married confirmed it on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He married the writer Fatima Farheen Mirza

« It’s weird, isn’t it? I think because we’re living in a social media age, if you don’t bullhorn about things the way it is, it’s a secret – but I never know how much Oversharing is, « he said to Fallon, » I like matcha lattes, but it just never comes up. I’m not a secret matcha latte drinker ”

The couple first met « so by chance » in a New York café while preparing for his film « Sound of Metal » in which he plays a heavy metal drummer who is slowly losing his hearing

« We both sat down at the same table in a cafe where we both showed up to write, » he said. « We both huddled over the same laptop plug, like a very modern way of meeting, and we became friends and then reconnected ”

He said meeting Mirza at the time made the film all the more special for him

« Obviously, I met Fatima for the first time and met so many people in the deaf community who have become friends And there is only one thing in all of this time about this film that has changed life, » he said

As for their secret wedding, Ahmed said they kept things small because of the pandemic

« Obviously it kept it super intimate and socially distant. It was just like hardly anyone was there, » he said. « We did it in a backyard, which is nice in many ways. And I think the nicest thing about it was that you didn’t have 500 aunts clinging to your cheeks. No disrespect to the aunts ”

He went on jokingly, « Asian weddings are big. These people are always crawling through the woodworks that I think are some kind of cheat. They just smell the kebabs on the street and just wander in »

Ahmed first brought the news of his wedding on Jan. January 11th episode of Louis Theroux’s « Grounded » podcast with the words, « It’s the first time I’ve mentioned it in an interview. Congratulations on this incredibly exciting sphere »

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Riz Ahmed, Fatima Farheen Mirza

EbeneInfo – USA – Riz Ahmed reveals the identity of his wife after the marriage is announced

Source: https://pagesix.com/2021/01/14/riz-ahmeds-wife-is-novelist-fatima-farheen-mirza/

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