Meunier, against PSG: « I found out by mail that I didn’t have to go … what cowards » – Sports Finding


The coronavirus pandemic and the consequent stoppage of football has left situations more than unusual. Empty stadiums, postponements, changes in formats and also, contractual problems. The latter was the situation in which Meunier found himself when, upon terminating his contract with PSG, he already signed his new commitment to Dortmund.

The side wanted to play the Champions League with the Parisians but it will not be possible. As he arrived from the club, Meunier did not want to renew and he, through the RTBF TV network, gives a new version of what happened.

“I almost got down on my knees in Dortmund to be allowed to play the Champions League with PSG. I wanted to end my time there like that. Later, I spoke with Leonardo and he told me if he was ready for the Champions League. “One hundred percent,” I replied. “I want to enjoy being at PSG until the end.” Leonardo told me that they would find a solution. But what do I have to read shortly after? That I don’t want to renew, that I’m not interested in renewing. A little disagreeable, right? “, Says the now player of the German team.

In addition, the treatment in the final bars of his time there was not courteous, says Meunier. “That PSG did not agree with Dortmund does not mean that I refused to renew. I didn’t even receive a proposal, because first the clubs had to reach an agreement. What Leonardo said was not true. Now, after all this shit, it is clear to me. PSG didn’t want me to stay. They didn’t even call me to tell me I had to stop going. It was my agent who had to find out by mail. A little cowardly … “

The Belgian assures that, the day after receiving that email, the physical tests were scheduled and he wanted to go so he called Leonardo. The Parisian club forbade him to speak with any partner but not, precisely, due to a possible transmission of the virus. “I almost fell to the ground. I called Leonardo but he stood firm. I didn’t want me to get together with other players and” put ideas into their heads. “I asked to do my physical tests so, after three months without training, to know where I was. In the end, he agreed but told me that he did not have permission to be with anyone in the group. This is neither professional, nor correct, nor respectful. PSG did not agree with Dortmund and they blamed me, “he said.

Meunier has been a weighty player for Tuchel this season. The Belgian played up to 27 games accumulating more than 2000 minutes. In the Champions League, he played almost every game, scoring even in the victory against Real Madrid, but he will not be able to continue playing this competition. PSG wanted it that way.



Actu monde – NG – Meunier, against PSG: « I found out by mail that I didn’t have to go … what cowards » – Sports Finding


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