News – AU – Helicopters cannot fire while troops are out


Army helicopters worth almost $ 4 billion cannot open fire when troops rappelling off the plane because the doors are too narrow

Defense tried three different models of gun stands to resolve the issue, but none fixed the issue

« It’s not a design issue of the gun mount It’s a matter of the width of the door, » Defense official Shane Fairweather said Tuesday at a Senate budget hearing

Defense Chief Angus Campbell admitted there was a problem with the gun doors on Taipan helicopters

But General Campbell said the military has reworked its tactics so that troops can still reach the ground while pilots open fire on enemies in dangerous operations

The helicopters are deployed in pairs so that one can fire while the troops abseil from the second plane

« It requires careful planning for the use of our airplanes. We never fly an airplane alone, » he said

Almost $ 3 So far, $ 8 billion has been spent on multipurpose helicopters to replace the existing Sea King and Blackhawk fleets

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World news – AU – Helicopters cannot fire while troops are out
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The doors of the helicopter MRH-90 Taipan of the Defense Force & & are not wide enough & # 39; to allow guns to fire as troops exit
& army helicopter guns leave special forces vulnerable
Helicopters cannot cannot fire while troops are out
ADF admits deals with its $ 3 8 billion MRH-90 Taipan helicopters
Live updates on today’s Budget Estimates hearings& # 39;
Narrow doors mean $ 4 billion troops recall from planes


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