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Friday: Two more Covid cases in connection with the quarantine hotel Holiday Inn Plus: Simple strategies for coping with bluebottles

Good morning – here is Imogen Dewey with the latest news on the Covid-19 cluster in Victoria, the impeachment process and what the Australian government is and is not doing for the environment

Melbourne’s hotel quarantine cluster has risen to 13 as closer contacts are positive for Covid – and a pandemic poll has found Australians are more concerned about money and have less trust in the government while Scott Morrison still says hotel quarantine ” the right way “is, US health officials advise that anyone with the full history of Covid vaccines can skip the standard 14-day embargo. And in good news, Pfizer vaccine is showing strong response to new Covid- Variants

Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings have resumed and his legal team will finalize their arguments tomorrow – although Joe Biden is silent about it for the time being. Impeachment managers say insurgents came to the Capitol because Trump “told” them and the trial has disturbing footage of Legislators Shown To Be “Chased” By The Crowd Congressman and survivor of Jonestown Jackie Speier has called Trump a “cult political leader” and dozens of former Republican officials are in talks to form an anti-Trump party Proud Boys in the Albury-Wodonga area were filmed threatening critics in a shop and at home, and were praised by the US leader of the extremist group

Nationals front bencher Darren Chester warns his party not to step back on climate debate and pushes back colleagues who said they would speak up if Morrison tried to make a net zero commitment to the center of the Century Vales Point Coal-Fired Power Plant has dropped its controversial bid for government funding – $ 8.7 million upgrade The Morrison government shortlisted its energy insurance program ahead of the last election, government infrastructure decisions are also under fire by the Productivity Commission, which According to the public funds for large dam projects without business case represent subsidies for the private sector

The Morrison government is now preparing to reject a recommendation to introduce stringent national environmental standards to improve the protection of Australian wildlife and instead emulate the failed existing laws

A federal agency apologized after “shockingly” asking Centrelink employees to minimize exposure to vulnerable customers in order to reduce “potential customer aggression”

Eddie Mabo’s daughter Gail Mabo is suing the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, accusing it of a $ 1 million contract USD quitting to manage a traditional owners forum

Crown Resorts CEO and a non-executive director of the casino group have reportedly resigned under pressure from gambling regulators in New South Wales and Victoria A third director is due to resign

Alan Tudge has alleged federal court found that he behaved in part “criminally” because he was mistaken for Home Secretary Peter Dutton

Marise Payne canceled a press conference Thursday when a Labor MP showed up. Fiona Phillips was told she could not attend the “liberal event” but refused to leave, saying she had the right to be a member of the Bundestag Interest in the region – a bridge too far for the Foreign Minister, who returned to her vehicle

Meghan Markle won her High Court Privacy Case against the Mail on Sunday The Duchess of Sussex hailed her victory as a “sweeping victory” over the newspaper’s “illegal and dehumanizing practices”

US authorities are investigating reports that around 80 migrants were trapped in a tanker truck and had difficulty breathing, according to an immigration and customs officer (Ice)

China banned BBC World News after criticizing its coverage of the pandemic in China and allegations of forced labor and sexual abuse in Xinjiang

Irish President Michael D Higgins has attacked the “faked amnesia” over British imperialism, accusing academics and journalists of turning a blind eye to the effects of colonialism

Buffy stars accuse creator Joss Whedon of creating a “toxic environment” on the show, while Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian following “hideous” social media posts

A bluebottle-covered North Bondi pool made a brief appearance in local nightmares earlier this month “But while the species might be known as the Pacific warrior with some simple coping skills, this summer visitor doesn’t have to be the enemy,” writes Natasha May She asked some experts what to do in the event of a sting – and whether there are actually more stings this year

Melbourne composer and performer Eddie Perfect’s Broadway musicals were really devastated by critics. “If you hated the monkey, you really had it for the poltergeist,” writes Jenny Valentish. “The Washington Post called Beetlejuice” overcaffeinated, overcrowded and overcaffeinated practically non-irritating ” The New York Post headline complained that it was a “cola-snorting, f-bombing disaster” “If we say his name three times, will he go away?” Continued the reviewer. “Well, says Valentish, Perfect’s new stage show makes him laugh one last time

“My coffee slipped out of my hands, slippery with sunscreen I have this condition” Brigid Delaney is one of the lifelong spillers“Red wine and white furniture are not to be trusted They can’t wear bright colors or carpeting our houses. It’s like having a vicious ghost link, a third arm that swings wildly and not consensually, knocking things over Sometimes I spill things on others, sometimes on myself, or sometimes on the things I love. Often times it’s about the things I need ”

This week, the coalition discussed what it would be exempt from a policy to achieve a net zero emissions target by 2050 – a policy and target that does not currently exist.In today’s episode of Full Story, Lenore Taylor discusses , Editor of Guardian Australia, and Mike Ticher, Head of News, on what it is about while Australia does not act on climate change

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The Australian Open had their second shot in the arm in 24 hours when Thanasi Kokkinakis, Nick Kyrgios’ old sparring partner, stole the show even in a defeat Rafael Nadal defeated a talented young opponent and an abusive fan to make the third Round to reach Ash Barty blew hot and cold to beat Daria Gavrilova And last year’s champion Sofia Kenin had tears in her eyes when her title defense was brutally ended

Shayna Jack has expressed doubts about her swimming future after revealing the mental and financial toll her doping case has caused over the past 18 months “I love to swim and fight for my country, but I honestly know I didn’t say whether it’s all worth it “, she wrote,” I know my worth and no one in this world deserves to be treated as I was treated “

Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that last year she was pressured by her own team to shut down Queensland’s borders – not just from the prime minister and other premieres, says the Brisbane Times federal judges could be overseen by a new agency who can investigate allegations of misconduct – including sexual harassment and bullying, according to the Australian reports. And, according to Mercury, Tasmania’s prime minister has focused on the future of the AFL in the state by calling for a dedicated team

Former Cabinet Secretary Bridget McKenzie is harassed by senators for her involvement in the infamous sports program

And it is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year: the year of the ox

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News – AU – Morning Post: Melbourne cluster is growing, Trump’s message to insurgents, resignation of the crown