News – AU – Agonizing new development in the verdict for Meeky’s death


The former Edmonton daycare manager who left a three-year-old boy on a bus will learn Wednesday how long he will be behind bars for his manslaughter

Michael Glenn Lewis, 46, was in shock on Monday in the Cairns Supreme Court, just a year after the body of Maliq Nicholas Floyd Namok-Malamoo – known as “Meeky” – on the Edmonton Goodstart Early Learning Center bus

During Tuesday’s trial, prosecutor Nathan Crane said the tragedy came after “a series of disorganized and non-functioning events” by Lewis

Meeky was picked up from his house by Lewis at around 9.00 a.m., after initially being forgotten during the first collection run at the daycare center, but was then left on the bus until 3 a.m. that day – 6.00 p.m. February last year

The boy was also mistakenly logged into the center’s computer system at 7 a.m. 39 a.m., the court heard it had happened 16 times in the previous three months, so the family’s childcare allowance was not affected

The court was told that Lewis had driven the bus to a meeting during the day where he parked the bus in full sunlight for nearly four hours but still failed to realize the boy was still inside

The court heard that temperatures on the bus were likely to reach 56 degrees during the day, with Meeky’s cause of death being classified as “vehicle hyperthermia”

A large contingent from Meeky’s family, including mother Muriel Namok, filled the public gallery for sentencing

Ms. Namok read a heartbreaking victim impact statement describing her “cheeky” little boy who loved to dance, Weetbix, bananas, Aquaman and his family who attended the same daycare as his cousins

“We have a huge void in our lives and a piece of us is missing,” she said

Meeky’s paternal grandmother, Lorrae “Dolly” Oui, also drafted a statement on behalf of that side of the family, which was read to the court, where she described the effects as “crippling.”

“Losing Maliq in such a tragic way tore us apart as a family,” she said

The court heard that Lewis, a Canadian, had lived in Australia for 20 years and had worked in the childcare industry for eight years

The court heard that the father of three had no criminal history and was deeply remorseful about the tragedy He cried when he turned to the family in court

His lawyer, Peter Feeney, said Lewis’ life had become a life of “self-blame and fear” and he struggled for months to leave his home and was worried about going to jail

“The life he led was living the good life, caring for his family, and being kind to everyone he met,” he said


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News – AU – Agonizing new development in the verdict for Meeky’s death
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Agonizing new development in the sentence for Meeky&’s death