News – AU – Anthony Joshua’s net worth could double in 2021 after the Tyson Fury Fight


The heavyweight boxing superstar – Anthony Joshua – has it all: multiple world titles (WBA, WBO, IBO, IBF), gold medal from the 2012 Olympics, the photogenic appearance natural charisma grounded charm that makes him a media treasure, and an equally impressive net worth of $ 192 million as of 2021 according to new documents from Sparta Promotions Ltd.But those nine numbers could potentially double this year after the upcoming Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury bout is currently under negotiation becomes

It was initially rumored that Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury could make between $ 76 million to $ 89 million for the first fight and double that for the rematch in a one-on-one deal. But now the fight is reported to be “once in.” a generation “both Joshua and Fury will bring in a little more cheddar the first time around $ 180 million each Assuming the double for a rematch clause is on the contract somewhere – which legendary promoter and Joshua’s manager Eddie Hearn will no doubt be shooting for – suffice to say that AJ can comfortably afford several custom Range Rovers can

In the strange freak-of-nature coincidence, Joshua falls apart against Fury – highly unlikely, but strange things have happened – the 31-year-old Watford Native could still see the same financial growth given the steady upward trend in His bank balance in relation to the Sparta Promotions Ltd filing that was filed just a year earlier, Anthony Joshua had a net worth of approximately $ 88 million in the last 12 months alone, he occasionally added $ 100 million through various sources of income – despite his first professional defeat by Andy Ruiz in a TKO in the seventh round in Madison Square, circa June 2019 (one of the biggest surprises in boxing in recent history)

After taking revenge on twelve clinical rounds six months later and making the unanimous decision to win back the uniform heavyweight title – doubling his career gain with a cheeky payday of $ 89 million overnight – advertisers flocked to Joining Joshua’s Comeback Story: Under Armor, Lucozade, Google, William Hill, and More.And like all astute professional athletes, AJ decided not just to give back to his community – in this case, a donation to help smaller amateur boxing halls afloat during COVID-19 to keep – but also to diversify its current sources of income

At the end of 2020, Joshua founded SBX Studios together with PR, social media and the content agency SoapBox London – a content studio and production house that is responsible for the development of “a variety of projects from long-form sports and entertainment documentaries to towards productions ”was developed for radio programs, brand campaigns, YouTube channels and podcasts.“ For the context, SoapBox London produced content for Hugo Boss, Turkish Airlines, DAZN and Matchroom as well as managing YouTube channels for athletes like Joshua and Premier League footballer Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)

“This is a natural step for me I’ve worked with Andy, Rowan and the team for a long time and seen the quality of the output firsthand, “Anthony Joshua told the press

“They are very knowledgeable about the industry, and I have no doubt that we can make SBX Studios the largest and most respected production house in the industry. Besides my own personal content projects, I really look forward to following and helping other athletes’ stories.” To gain mass presence ”

At this rate, Joshua has the ambition to find Floyd Mayweather Jr in the $$$ department can very well be in sight. Speaking to GQ in 2018, the man himself had the following to say:

“When I first started, my goal was to become a multimillionaire. But now there are ordinary people, grandmas and grandpas, who are worth millions just for real estate prices. So the new mindset is that I have to be a billionaire

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News – AU – Anthony Joshua’s net worth could double in 2021 after the Tyson Fury Fight
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