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Updated on 19 February 2021

The smart doorbell market is a crowded space, but Arlo, which is our favorite outdoor security camera, is emerging as a serious player, and the company’s Arlo Essential wireless doorbell (available on Amazon for $ 17999) is one Video doorbell with everything you need to protect your front door Not only does it offer a wider viewing angle than most of the other video doorbells we tested, but it is also fast and accurate It’s easy to set up, making it our new top pick for the best video doorbell you can buy

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Using the Arlo Essential wireless doorbell

The best view yet

Super easy setup

Works well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

What we don’t like

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Loud and clear two-way conversation

Video from head to toe

Custom movement zones

Doorbell alerts are sent as phone calls

The Arlo wireless video doorbell is the best smart doorbell for protecting the front of your home

The Arlo Essential wireless video doorbell comes with a battery that lasts up to six months on a charge, or you can hardwire it to your existing doorbell with a 180 degree field of view lens, 12x digital zoom , HDR video, night vision and custom movement zones

It offers two-way conversation capabilities, recorded quick response messages and a built-in siren.When used with an Arlo Smart Plan, the Arlo wireless doorbell sends intelligent smart alerts when it detects movement and a package, animal, vehicle or person is out of the Camera view detects the paid Arlo plan also includes Visitor Alerts, which allows guests to leave a voicemail on the doorbell if they cannot open the door

The doorbell works with your existing traditional wired carillon or an Arlo carillon that has been paired with an Arlo SmartHub or base station

The view from my Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell is clear and covers every required angle

There’s a lot to love when you look at the view from Arlo’s new wireless doorbell camera, starting with the very generous 180-degree field of view. Arlo’s video doorbells offer the widest viewing angle of any video doorbell we’ve ever tested For comparison: our best doorbell so far, the Nest Hello, offered 160 degrees

The Arlo records in a 1: 1 aspect ratio that shows what is going on on your doorstep from head to toe, and the HDR video is as clear as it was day. Many video doorbells, like Ring’s, record in 16: 9 format, which offers a widescreen view that doesn’t always capture people completely from top to bottom

When it’s dark outside, you can still easily see the view from the wireless doorbell camera thanks to the powerful infrared LEDs (850nm) with IR cut filters, so there is no need to turn on the porch lights to see what happens outside after the sun goes down

I charged the battery for several hours before installing the Arlo Essential wireless video doorbell, which takes up to six months of battery life

For a long time, the only way to install a video doorbell was by using your existing doorbell wiring. Nowadays, video doorbells and surveillance cameras like the latest from Arlo provide more convenient installation options for homeowners and renters

The Arlo Essential wireless doorbell comes with a battery that lasts up to six months on one charge.I only took a few minutes to hang it outside with the included mounting kit and it was just a few clicks from there on my phone with the Arlo app before the wireless doorbell connected to my WiFi

Alternatively, you can hardwire this doorbell to your house and never have to worry about recharging the battery.This flexibility in installation makes this model a great addition to any type of home

While I had no problem integrating the Arlo wireless doorbell with the Google Assistant, I had a little trouble adding the Alexa voice control camera.The Amazon Alexa app could not detect my new Arlo doorbell after several tries if you If you encounter a similar problem, try disabling and re-enabling the Arlo capability in the Amazon Alexa app This helped me once set up but everything works great

When paired with Alexa and / or Google-enabled smart speakers, you can ask one of the smart assistants to show you your Arlo doorbell and a live stream will appear on a smart display like a Nest Hub Max or Amazon Echo Show 5 can also serve as a “chime” and announce when someone presses the doorbell button

The essential wireless doorbell has all of the common privacy settings you’d expect from a home security camera, such as two-factor authentication, the option to log in with Face ID technology, and advanced encryption for Arlo video storage goes a step further, however, and has some security features that made me feel extra secure when trying to sign in from a new device, it sends an approval request to the main user’s phone or tablet.It felt a bit much at first, but it’s nice to know that there is still a layer preventing someone from accessing my camera without permission

Remember, these privacy measures are only there to keep the bad guys out.If you’d like to add approved users (such as roommates or family members) to manage your Arlo doorbell, you can easily do so in the Arlo’s Settings section -App do

There are also built-in security features such as an intelligent siren that can be triggered automatically or manually via the Arlo app and emits a very loud alarm tone when triggered.You can also call 911 and up to three contacts directly via the Arlo app if there are problems call

Instead of push notifications, the Arlo wireless video doorbell notifies you by phone call when someone rings the doorbell

When it comes to Arlo doorbells, this is not a new criticism from me I’ve never been a fan of doorbell alerts coming in as phone calls difficult to answer and bring up the video when you’re actively on the phone as you have to put that call on hold to answer the doorbell notification p>

There is some workaround in the Arlo app, you can put the doorbell in silent mode, which prevents incoming calls and alarms. In silent mode, you can still view the event in the Arlo app, but I would very much prefer it When the doorbell notifications come in like the regular smart push alerts like they do when a person or a package is detected In the end, it all boils down to personal preference and is not enough to keep me from using Arlo’s essential wireless doorbell as the No. 1 recommended 1 option to watch over the main entry point of your home

The Arlo Essential wireless doorbell sends accurate and intelligent smart alerts and ensures a stable WiFi connection while in use

Arlo’s essential wireless doorbell is the best intelligent video doorbell you can buy right now.It offers the widest viewing angle of any video doorbell we have tested and records HDR video in 1: 1 format to give you the best viewing experience possible Setup is quick and easy, and with wired and battery-powered installation options, versatile enough for just about any home I also love how easy the Arlo app is to use and navigate, not to mention the added layers of security that come with the App are offered

While an Arlo Smart paid plan is an added cost, we recommend signing up for one after the three-month free trial ends. Plans start at $ 99 per month and you get access to intelligent smart alerts (the ability to talk between people Differentiating between packages, vehicles and animals), cloud storage for up to 30 days, custom activity zones and more

For a cheaper yet great video doorbell, we recommend our best pick, the Eufy Security WiFi Video Doorbell.It sends notifications over WiFi and data almost instantly, has a crystal clear resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels during the day and night, and is common on Amazon for well under $ 200

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use security camera that offers two-way conversation and clear video day and night without missing a beat, the Arlo Essential wireless doorbell is the perfect choice to arm your front door

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News – AU – Arlo’s new wireless video doorbell is the crème de la crème