News – AU – Big parties increase Facebook ad spend when Washington time runs out


The two big parties doubled their weekly ad spend on election in Western Australia on Facebook as early voting options began on Monday

Prime Minister Mark McGowan and opposition leader Zak Kirkup said their parties would not stop buying ads for the social media giant, despite both criticizing it last week for suspending news content in Australia the federal government has its own after the move Ads pulled from the site

Prime Minister Mark McGowan and opposition leader Zak Kirkup have ruled out removing political Facebook ads in the middle of the electionsCredit: Peter de Kruijff

WA Labor was from 13 until 19 February’s largest advertiser, nearly tripling its weekly spend from 11928 USD to 32825 USD

The party directed most of its social media spending through Mr. McGowan’s own Facebook page and donated $ 7,169


Labor has dropped almost as much money over the same period, $ 6,539, through another Facebook page called “Why Take The Risk?” which has attack ads targeting Mr. Kirkup’s credentials. p>

Another series of advertisements on the Labor platform directs people to party-operated websites under the banner “Vote WA”

One of the sites offers a postal vote request form that the party can also use to collect a user’s data, while the other is a map tool that shows the closest early voting center along with instructions on Labor’s voting preferences

The Liberal Party’s weekly Facebook spending increased from Jan. until 19 February from 16648 USD on 29145 USD

The Liberals remain high on the list of Facebook spending for political parties in WA Since the 15th November are 128$ 925 down on ads

TV, online, newspaper and radio advertising spiked as postal voters received their ballots on Monday and the first polling stations opened on Wednesday

So far there have been 237604 requests for absentee ballots, and the WA Electoral Commission hopes that 60 to 70 percent of people will have their ballot papers before the actual election day on Jan. March will submit

Total WA political ad spend on Google since November is as of Nov.350 USD last week on 28950 USD increased

The Liberal Party now has 15Spent $ 900 on 102 Google ads, and the Greens got 197 ads on 11Bought $ 250

Mr Kirkup said while the federal liberal national government may have suspended government advertising from Facebook, the WA liberals would not

“We have a situation here where there are still hundreds of thousands of Western Australians on Facebook,” he said

“This is how you get your information, your current affairs It is very disappointing with the steps Facebook has taken to remove news agencies from it, but the reality is that people are still getting access to local information and we have to be there promoting them ”

Mr McGowan, who last week accused Facebook of acting like a North Korean dictator, said the political parties were advertising and that was just the nature of things

“I’ve already made it clear I’m pretty unhappy with [Mark] Zuckerberg and Facebook and all the things they do, but at the same time the political parties will continue to advertise,” he said

The Prime Minister also encouraged Western Australians to vote early and said he would do so himself

“Queensland had elections recently and people voted early and I think that’s smart in this environment,” said McGowan

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News – AU – Big parties increase spending on Facebook advertising if time WA election expires