News – AU – Bombshell claim over Tassie Tiger


A Tasmanian tiger hunter set up a bomb attack, which he reported to the world on Jan. March wants to unveil, with evidence that the extinct animal still exists

Thylacine hunter Neil Waters claims to have taken photos of a family of three from Thylacines in the northeast of the state He has the photos checked by experts

Neil Waters claims to have photos of a tiger family from Tasmania Image: Thylacine Awareness Group of AustraliaSource: Supplied

Neil Waters, President of Australia’s Thylacine Awareness Group, posted a video that went viral claiming to have a photo of a Tasmanian baby tiger and his family

“Hold on to your hats!” he said of the picture of Joey Thylacine allegedly roaming the Tasmanian bushland that he saw on Jan. March wants to publish

The video rose to prominence on Twitter, and people like Animal Planet host Forrest Galante shared it, saying it had the “potential to be the wildlife rediscovery of the century”

In a three-minute video, Mr. Waters claims he took pictures of a mother, father, and baby Thylacine sipping a can of Boags Draft strolling through “a small town” in northeast Tasmania

“When I checked my SD cards, I found some photos that are pretty darn good,” he said

“I can tell you that there are three animals we believe that the first picture is the mother

“We know the second picture is the baby because it is so small and the third picture is the father” There is a little hint in the mother and father as to what they are with certain characteristics of them, however they are ambiguous But the baby is not ambiguous ”

Many people have said they hoped the claim was legitimate and would lose their guilt if it did

Mr Waters said several experts saw the photos, including the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery wildlife expert Nick Mooney

But any hope of the news of Jan. March was quickly dashed, and Mr Mooney told NewscomAu the photos were most likely of Tasmanian pademelons

The honorary curator for vertebrate zoology has checked and evaluated the material provided by Mr. Waters

Due to the physical properties shown in the photos, it is very unlikely that the animals are thylacines

“TMAG regularly receives inquiries to review from members of the public who hope the thylacine is still with us,” said a spokeswoman

According to experts, the image of a “Joey” should be a Tasmanian pademelon Source: News Regional Media

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News – AU – Bombshell claim over Tassie tiger