News – AU – Carnivorous disease in Australia leaves victims with oozing ulcers


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A carnivorous skin disease was first discovered in a non-coastal region of Australia

Health officials have issued a warning after multiple cases of debilitating Buruli ulcer related to opossum poo were found in suburbs of Melbourne

The infections were identified in the suburbs of Essendon, Moonee Ponds and Brunswick West, the Victoria Department of Health confirmed yesterday

It is the first time that cases have been linked to a non-coastal Victoria state – although health officials stressed the risk of infection remains low

The skin infection is caused by a bacterium that leads to skin lesions that can easily be mistaken for an insect bite

The lesion, which is most common on a limb, can, over time, become a destructive skin ulcer and cause large open wounds

If left untreated, severe cases of Buruli ulcer can lead to permanent disfigurement and long-term disability

It is believed to spread through mosquitoes or through the feces of possums that have been bitten by mosquitoes

Brett Sutton, Victoria Chief Health Officer, said today genetic analysis of bacteria from each Melbourne case showed “a common source of infection”

He added, “The potential source of M Ulcerants in inner north Melbourne were not detected, although the bacteria were isolated from the feces of a local possum

“The disease is not person-to-person and there is no evidence of transmission from possums directly to humans”

Professor Tim Stinear of the Doherty Institute in Melbourne told ABC that the error is very treatable as long as the patient is diagnosed early

He said, “If there are people with a little mosquito bite that doesn’t look quite right, there is a very good diagnostic test

The Buruli ulcer is common in West or Central Africa and is associated with stagnant water

According to the World Health Organization, at least 33 countries around the world have reported cases of the disease, with Australia seeing an increase in cases since 2013

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News – AU – Carnivorous disease in Australia leaves victims with oozing ulcers
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