News – AU – Chase Mark Labbett’s epic weight conversion after dropping 10 stones


Mark Labbett aka The Beast of The Chase has proven a huge hit with viewers since his start on the show in 2009, and is now celebrating having been his lightest weight in 25 years

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The Chase’s Mark Labbett always took his nickname on the popular quiz show, but it now looks like “The Beast” may need a new one after losing 10 bricks

Mark first appeared on the ITV show in 2009, and at a gargantuan height of 6’9 inches, he always stood a formidable figure

However, like so many, he has always longed to be a little lighter and healthier

And now the clever quizzer has revealed details behind his incredible weight loss after falling from a 29 stone to a truly impressive and envious 19 stone

After years of ordering bespoke clothing to fit his weight and height, “The Beast” can finally dive into his local Marks and Spencers and buy whatever he wants off the shelf

Mark told the sun, “I’m under 20 stone now and I really feel the difference and see it too

“I am now up to a 44” waist, my chest is 54 “, while my neck measurements are up to 19″ which is fantastic for me and the upper end of a normal man’s reach”

“My knees really feel the difference. I’ll never be athletic again, but I move so much better because I don’t carry that extra weight”

Mark achieved his tremendous goal through hard work and dedication while walking, cutting out sugar, and eating two meals a day of his secret formula

Mark has type 2 diabetes and was bullied at school for his imposing frame “Incredible Hulk” and “Honey Monster” were just two of the gruesome names that became part of school life

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Unfortunately, Mark has to be 17 April wait until non-essential stores can reopen to open his first major clothing store

“As soon as the stores reopen I’ll be doing a mega-shop for all the big stores as I can now wear Mark’s & Spencer pants and chinos in an XL,” he added

“It’s the first time I’ve been able to buy off the shelf in as long as I can remember I actually ordered a batch of sweatpants from M&S, but they accidentally sent me a 36-38 inch waist instead , but I could, shock horror, fit into her “

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News – AU – The Pursuit Mark Eabbett’s epic weight conversion after dropping 10 stones
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