News – AU – Coles plans to stop selling single-use plastic cutlery and dishes


A popular article is expected to be available from the 1st July disappearing from Coles shelves across the country

Throwing away single-use shopping bags is just the beginning. We can still do more to reduce the amount of synthetic, non-biodegradable waste in our landfill

Disposable plastic products such as cups, plates, bowls, straws and cutlery will be sold until 1 Available in Coles stores in July Source: News Corp Australia

Retail giant Coles will stop selling single-use plastic cutlery and tableware in July to reduce waste

It is predicted that movement 1 will remove 5 million kilograms of single-use plastic from the landfill every year

Plastic products such as cups, plates, bowls, straws and cutlery will be banned from Coles’ shelves as part of the plan

Steven Cain, CEO of Coles, said the move helped the environment and also responded to customer needs

“Ensuring the sustainability of our business is critical to our future success The first major Australian supermarket to commit to removing all single-use plastic tableware from our stores is central to our ambition to be Australia’s most sustainable supermarket“Mr. Cain said

Pip Kiernan, chairman of Clean Up Australia, said single-use plastic tableware is a big problem for the environment

“Too many of these items end up in our parks, waterways, beaches and roadsides and, if left there, damage our precious environment for hundreds of years and outlive us all”

“We applaud Coles for listening to his customers and taking the lead in replacing these single-use plastic items”

“Any company that takes steps to reduce problematic or unnecessary plastics brings us one step closer to a more sustainable Australia and is a win for our environment,” he said

According to the World Wide Fund For Nature Australia, Australians use an average of 130 kilograms of plastic per person per year, but less than a tenth is recycled

The organization says that up to 130000 tons of plastic will end up in waterways and oceans, where they endanger marine life

The South Australian stores will sell their products by Jan. March expire in accordance with legal requirements

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News – AU – Coles wants to discontinue the sale of single-use plastic cutlery and dishes