News – AU – Collingwood convicts former cheer squad leader of racist tweets


Collingwood Football Club has condemned one of its most ardent fans after posting a racist tweet about Indian geriatric carers

The AFL club, which is currently calculating on its own racist past, publicly denounced the tweet last night and asked Joffa Corfe to apologize for his hurtful words

The backlash came after Corfe, the former leader of the Magpies Cheer Squad, took to Twitter on Tuesday to demand that “Indian workers” be removed from the elderly care system

The words sparked an immediate backlash among his followers Many urged him to remove the tweet, and others stated that this was the type of behavior the club was trying to break free of

However, Corfe got none of it, writing, “I’m not being silenced by the cop minority who pretend to be the good guys I’ll have the balls to say and tweet what I want””

“For the losers out there in the Twitter world, copy and paste anything I say anywhere, anywhere”

Collingwood then took action on Wednesday night, distancing himself from the former cheer squad leader, and asking him to consider the negative impact of his words

“Joffa Corfe is not a member of Collingwood Football Club but has a long history with our organization,” wrote Collingwood

“As such, we cannot stand by his comments last night. We condemn them and ask him to ponder the harm he has caused and an appropriate apology”

The club’s tweet was posted on the same day coach Nathan Buckley broke his silence over Collingwood’s report of systemic racism at the club

In his first comments since the Pies review leaked and President Eddie McGuire stepped down, Buckley led the conversation at an infamous press conference in 2017

The clip, highlighted by Heritier Lumumba just last month, showed what Buckley is now calling the “dismissive” response to allegations of racism in the club

Buckley suggested he had stopped trying to meet with Lumumba, who last month asked if the trainer was still standing by the comments made almost four years ago

Buckley now admits that he “understands” his press conference, which was part of the systemic racism described in Collingwood’s damn report

“In the end we saw Heritier, Leon (Davis) and now Andrew (Krakouer) speak heartily about their experiences,” Buckley told the AFL website

“I suppose I have a personal reflection at the end. There was a press conference I gave in 2017 when Heritier’s documentary came out

“And I have not been able to separate myself from the personal connection and the potential feeling that I have not done enough under the circumstances to rise from it and see the bigger picture of what Heritier is talking about What Leon is talking about, what Andrew was talking about is their experience. Where they want to be and what we want the place to be. We agree on that

“We don’t want people to ever feel diminished, maligned, or seen as less than in our environment”

“If this is their experience it has to be recognized and for that I think the club apologized unconditionally and obviously I’ve been a part of this club for a long time so I don’t like the fact that people have felt that way and.. I have to listen and learn, we all have to listen and learn more about the experience and acknowledge it instead of dismissing it

“When I looked back in 2017, there was a pusher that was repellent and I had to be better”

Buckley, who approached Collingwood for nearly 30 years, confirmed that he did not become aware of the racism report until it was leaked in the media

“The overwhelming emotions we all felt were, what does this really mean? What have we been involved in, what can we do? “He said of his first answer

“There was a large part of what this actually says about us, what we need to learn, what we need to hear, what we need to acknowledge in order to get better? I think there was an element of what this means to us ”

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News – AU – Collingwood denounces the former Cheer Squad Leader for racist tweets