News – AU – Cotchin’s leg up for Tiger Stack


Sydney Stack reached out to Richmond captain Trent Cotchin as the concerned Tiger tries to transform his life – and AFL career – after his latest indiscretion off the field

The young gun spent Christmas behind bars and pleaded guilty in January of violating Western Australia’s strict COVID-19 quarantine laws

However, since the 20-year-old was not until 25 Convicted March – a week after Richmond faced Carlton in Round 1 – his future remains tarnished

Cotchin believes Stack still has a lot to give on Punt Road, but isn’t sure when the boy will be back

“Stacky is basically an amazing person.He had a couple of mishaps but he’s young, he’s still learning,” said the three-time Premier League captain

“He reached out last week to have a conversation about a few small things he can change We’re going to knock them off for the next week and make sure he’s in the best place he can be when he gets back to the club””

The incident on Sept. December in Perth’s Northbridge party district brought a hot 2020 to Stack

Stack and Tigers teammate Callum Coleman-Jones had previously violated the AFL’s COVID-19 protocols on a night out at a Gold Coast strip club last September

The couple was involved in a fight outside a kebab shop early in the morning

Richmond was fined 100 by the AFL$ 000 for the incident slated to be included in the Tigers’ soft cap this year

The club has promised to support Stack, who has played 26 games and no longer has a contract at the end of the season, through his recent problems

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News – AU – Cotchin’s leg is ready for Tiger Stack
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