News – AU – Could election campaign imitators mean that Zak Kirkup Liberals are preparing for a landslide?


On the eve of the early election start in the WA elections, both major political parties downplay the importance of the campaign on a seat that was once the bluest territory

Mark McGowan and his opponent Zak Kirkup both have repeated questions about an imminent Liberal Party extinction on Aug.13, following an incredibly biased poll released last week March rejected

But the places where both leaders camped on Tuesday indicated they had reason to believe that the safe liberal seat of Bateman could fall to Labor for the first time in its history

The Liberals hold Bateman, which runs south of the Swan River in inland Fremantle, at 7: 8 percent

In a single move to Labor large enough to knock out Bateman, the party would pinch six more from the Liberals, leaving them only six seats in the House of Commons

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Political scientist Peter Kennedy said the Labor campaign in Bateman on the eve of the early vote was significant

“I think it just indicates the kind of elections we have as no liberal seat is certain

“It tells you two things: Labor is aggressively seeking votes, especially in what was previously considered safe Liberal seats, and the Liberal Party is desperate to hold onto what it has”

Bateman was founded in 2008 and was initially held by today’s Attorney General Christian Porter before moving into federal politics.It has been held by former Cabinet Secretary Dean Nalder since 2017

Mr Nalder is stepping down from state politics and it seems that both parties now believe the seat could be in the game

Liberal leader Zak Kirkup was there on Tuesday, flanked by candidate Matt Woodall, around 750Announce $ 000 for the renovation of the Kardinya Sports Association dressing rooms at the Morris Buzacott Reserve

“Bateman is an important part of our community – I don’t think anyone should ignore any part of WA,” he said

The Premier was at an early learning center in Myaree

about five minutes later

He was alongside Labor Bateman candidate Kim Giddens to announce $ 11.5 million over four years for free dental care for children under five if his government is re-elected

Mr Kirkup again warned of the possibility for Labor to take “total control” of the WA Parliament

“It’s important that we continue to stand up and fight during this campaign,” he said

“The Labor Party has no plan for the future of Western Australia other than to ensure that it takes total control of the Western Australian Parliament, which would be very dangerous for the future of our democracy”

The WA Liberals have so far refused to submit their policies to the Treasury Department for cost accounting, as Labor did in 2017 in the opposition

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But Labor has claimed the Liberal Party’s pre-election commitments – centering on a massive green energy plan – are already worth billions of dollars

Mr Kirkup reiterated that the cost would be published closer to the state elections, despite an unprecedented number of people expected to vote early

He said the party has not yet decided on a third party to release their paid policies

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News – AU – Could WA Copycat Campaigns Mean That Zak Kirkup’s Liberals prepare for a landslide?