News – AU – Cybercrime Squad introduces new state-of-the-art digital forensics facility


The purpose-built facility is the first of its kind in Australia and allows officials to securely investigate advanced technology-based crime

The State Crime Command’s Cybercrime Squad was founded in 2017 as a standalone unit, providing special operations units and police districts across the state

Since its inception, the unit has grown to include nearly 70 specialist investigators who now operate from the discreet facility in west Sydney

Secretary of State for Police and Emergency Services, The Hon, According to David Elliott MP, NSW Police are constantly adapting to the evolving behavior of criminals who try to hide their identities using technology

“The New South Wales Government and New South Wales Police Force are aware of the ever changing and significant threat of cybercrime to hard working Australians across the state and have invested heavily in the tools and technology the police force needs to expose and disrupt such crimes, “Said Minister Elliott

“The community should be confident that Cybercrime Squad investigators are up to the challenges of modern criminals and aggressively pursue these individuals for exposure to the full force of the law”

NSW Police Commissioner Michael Fuller said the new facility will provide Cybercrime Squad detectives with access to world-class tools and technology to combat criminal activity in the digital world

“Traditional types of crime are increasing significantly online, creating a unique challenge for law enforcement around the world, not just here in Australia,” said Commissioner Fuller

“However, our Cybercrime Squad officers have further developed and adapted their tactics in this area in order to covertly infiltrate criminal networks that commit illegal activities online

“The NSW Police established the first standalone cybercrime team in Australia that recognizes the importance our organization places on developing the ability and capacity to respond effectively online when at risk to the security of the community

Cybercrime Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Matt Craft said the majority of serious and organized criminal activity is made possible in part through the use of technology

“Cybercrime poses new challenges for law enforcement The only way to address the problems is through our industrial partners and the government working together, “said Det Supt Craft

“By combining the tools, expertise, and investigative ability of NSW Police Force investigators with industry experts and professionals, we can have a real impact on cybercrime now and in the future”

“A man’s cryptocurrency money laundering charge is a perfect example today of how competent the NSW Police Force is in investigating complex cybercrime issues that operate freely across jurisdictions or legal boundaries”

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News – AU – Cybercrime Squad Unveils New State-of-the-Art Digital Forensics Facility