News – AU – Dirty Deal: UK opposes EU ban on UK dirt on plants shipped to Northern Ireland


DUBLIN – Another day, another unilateral British move to break away from the EU’s single market rules for Northern Ireland

The UKThe Northern Ireland office confirmed to POLITICO on Friday that, effective immediately, many earthy products will be re-approved for shipping by suppliers in the UK

The move, which has been demanded for weeks by companies like tree nurseries that have been deprived of normal UK inventory, is in breach of the EU’s longstanding ban on importing products with soil from outside the block

Since 1 On January 1st, when the UK left the single market but Northern Ireland remained bound by its rules, shipping from potted plants to muddy tractors was banned under the provisions of the Irish Protocol to the Brexit Trade Agreement

The UK The government announced on Wednesday that, regardless of the EU’s opposition to the move, it would extend the grace period for the introduction of full customs and hygiene controls on food delivered from the UK to supermarkets in Northern Ireland by six months

On Thursday the UK Similarly, the grace period previously agreed by the EU to request customs declarations for most packages from the UK to Northern Ireland has been extended

While these steps were being published by Parliament in London, Friday’s move to stop blocking products with British soil was only being distributed to businesses

An official from the Northern Ireland office in Belfast said the EU ban on products containing UK soil had “direct and often disproportionate effects on lives and livelihoods, including unacceptably disrupting the flow of critical goods”

The official declined to say how long the policy turnaround is likely to take, describing it as “temporary and practical” pending further negotiations with the EU to find a new long-term policy that ” appropriate and risky “would be based on ”

The new directive stipulates that bulbs and vegetables with soil can be shipped from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Plants in soil beds, pots and containers can also, as long as the shipping company has the appropriate UK passportsAnimal and Phytosanitary Authority

Agricultural and forestry machines do not require a phytosanitary certificate if “they have been washed to remove excess soil and plant debris,” according to the internal guidelines

Landscapers and gardeners celebrated the move, just as port authorities welcomed Wednesday’s decision to postpone the full inspection of UK goods for supermarkets in Northern Ireland

The UK intends to enforce full customs controls only on food shipments arriving in Northern Ireland that will travel to supermarkets in the Republic of Ireland by October The UKThe unraveled agreement with the EU stipulated that certain goods for Northern Ireland would be sold until 1 April should be subject to the same controls

The UK- EU agreement had no tolerance or grace period for English, Welsh or Scottish soil on products provided for Northern Ireland

As a result, the Cameron Landscapes and Garden Center in Belfast stated that it has not been able to negotiate supplies and future contracts with existing suppliers in England since January

“Nobody was ready to ship the prices went out the window,” said his manager John Dobbin

“Now all plants can travel before Christmas as usual,” Dobbin told the BBC. “Everything is back to how it should be”

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News – AU – Dirty Deal: UK opposes EU ban on UK dirt for crops after Northern Ireland
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