News – AU – Elephant riders take part in coup protests in Myanmar


The video obtained from Reuters shows protesters, some with signs riding on seven elephants, ahead of other protesters marching and on motorcycles

When Myanmar’s military-appointed foreign minister flew to Thailand on Wednesday, a Thai government source said as Myanmar’s neighbors stepped up efforts to resolve a crisis that began when the army took power on February 1 Coup

There were large rallies and a general strike this week to denounce the coup and demand the release of elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, despite a warning from authorities that confrontation could kill people

Hundreds of people have been arrested in the weeks since the military coup in Myanmar, whether they were dragged from their homes in the middle of the night or taken off the streets during protests As a result, human rights groups and experts feared a substantial increase in the number of political prisoners in the country.According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), a Myanmar-based organization, there were around 696 people on Tuesday – including monks, writers, activists, Politicians and Others – Arrested in Connection with the Coup Many of those arrested have been charged with a legacy of laws – some dating back to British colonial times, others introduced under previous military regimes – that have been used against critics by every government, including Aung’s San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy-led party that was ousted in February 1 coup

People across Myanmar take to the streets after a military coup in which their leaders were arrested

Political reform is essential as it is difficult to govern collectively when the system encourages polarization and strife

Class lawsuits were filed on Tuesday in Nevada against 10 major auto insurance companies alleging that the companies charged excessive insurance premiums during the pandemic for failing to account for declines in driving behavior and accidents in court cases that some insurers recognize Discounts on the empty streets and fewer accidents and claims were granted, but the discounts did not offer “significant relief that actually reflected the reduction in cars on the road and reduced driving during the pandemic” Court Records The lawsuits were filed on behalf of insurance customers in Nevada Filed against State Farm, USAA, Geico, Acuity, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, Progressive, Travelers, Nationwide and Allstate

China’s trade minister appealed to Washington for a “joint effort” to revitalize trade, but gave no indication on Wednesday of when the wage war talks could resume or whether Beijing might make concessions. “Cooperation is the only right choice,” Wang said Wentao at a press conference President Joe Biden has not yet announced a strategy for dealing with Beijing, but it is widely expected that he will once again put pressure on trade and technology complaints, prompting his predecessor Donald Trump to raise taxes on Chinese imports

A Thai court on Wednesday sentenced 14 political leaders, including three acting ministers, to prison terms after being found guilty of rioting in anti-government protests that culminated in a military coup in 2014 The court found 26 of 39 defendants guilty of A lawyer for the group said for obstructing elections and invading government property during seven-month demonstrations against the Yingluck Shinawatra government Digital Minister Puttipong Punnakanta, Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan and Deputy Transport Minister Thaworn Senneam were given prison terms between Sentenced for five years and seven years and four months

Andrew Harnik / Getty Nearly seven weeks after the deadly riot at the US. Capitol, the people who were responsible for protecting the building on Jan. Mandated January 6 testified for the first time the failures that allowed a pro-Trump mob to step over the seat of the American government in an unprecedented disruption of democracy, but almost every answer they gave about what happened that day , just raised more questions. Within four hours, the former head of the US. Capitol Police and former House and Senate security chiefs largely pointed fingers at each other – or blamed others who were absent from the hearing – and most importantly minimized their own mistakes. Meanwhile, the Senators sought to seize a golden opportunity to Finding facts, answering important questions late and leaving others untouched, while some – including those who reinforced the electoral fraud claims that the rioters first brought to the Capitol – partook of the time-honored tradition of the size of Committee Room One, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) spent most of his time reading a report on Jan 6 by a right-wing conspirator who advanced the discredited theory that Trump supporters were not responsible for the violence. At the end of the hearing, Democrats said, who ran the show said it was a “constructive” exercise that shed “new light” on what happened in January 6Some really new information emerged: For example, Steven Sund, the former Capitol Police Chief, said he had Just learning this January 5, the force received an FBI report warning of violence at Trump’s rally – but the report “didn’t make it” to his desk when asked how authorities are missing the other signs of brewing violence The authorities simply stated that the secret services had not given them sufficient warning. Last but not least, they made the first marquee hearing at the attack on the Capitol was examined, it was clear that one could get a complete picture of how and why Jan 6 Happening As It Was Going To Be A Difficult Task However, the futility of questioning this particular group of witnesses – anyone trying to protect their reputation and divert the guilt – became apparent early in Tuesday’s hearing when the senators tried to set a schedule for who asked for help and when. 6When the mob began to break through the Capitol perimeter, Sund said he called Paul Irving, then the House sergeant, at 1:09 p.m. to ask, they call them National Guard to He alleged that Irving had told him he was concerned about the “optics” of having guards present and rejected him. Irving replied that he had no recollection of Sund calling him at the time, saying he was on the floor of the house and had overseen the electoral college’s certification process. He added that it was “categorically wrong” that he had concerns about the Opti in establishing the security protocol at the Capitol Both men kept their stories under oath Sen Roy Blunt (R-MO) tried to clear it up but concluded, “Whatever happened here doesn’t seem to match different timeframes to me Rob Portman (R-OH) then asked both of them to hand in their call logs for investigation. Johnson urges the insane theory of “Fake Trump Supporters” during the Capitol Uprising hearing, but the witnesses agreed that they would not all be put into the position , on 1 Successful January 6 by intelligence agencies – who they claimed underestimated the threat, despite the open source evidence and reporting strongly suggesting right-wing extremists planned ambitious and violent acts in Washington in January 6 “Though it It appears that numerous participants from several states planned this attack, the entire intelligence community seems to have missed it, “claimed Sund.” Without the intelligence to prepare properly, the USCP was outnumbered and had the Capitol against you extremely defending violent mob Robert Contee, the acting head of the DC. The Metropolitan Police Department and the fourth witness also said the FBI memo on Jan. It was sent January 5 “in the form of an email” Witnesses also expressed frustration at the slow mobilization of the National Guard, Contee, whose officers arrived at an overrun Capitol to assist the Capitol’s separate police force, repeatedly said he was shocked by Pentagon’s reluctance to mobilize the National Guard When he asked, Contee recalled, “There was no immediate yes answer,” and said Army officials countered by asking him “how” the situation “looked”. “I was able To quickly deploy MPD and give them instructions while they were there and I was genuinely shocked that the National Guard couldn’t or wouldn’t do the same, “added Contee. The back and forth between Sund and Irving at least revealed the intricate process, to request military assistance in the Capitol Nobody is responsible for security in the complex Instead, there is a secret four-person board, the existence of which slowed the response to Jan 6 Blunt called the structure “totally useless” for crises like the Capitol uprising. The authorities accused by the witnesses will have the opportunity to present their version of the next week To offer events when the FBI and the Defense and Homeland Security Departments were asked to testify before the same joint body of Senate Rules and Homeland Security Committees, but on Tuesday the Senators largely shied away from questions posed by then-chiefs of the Capitol Police and D.C. The police would have been well positioned to respond to Nur Sen Alex Padilla (D-CA) noted late in the trial that of the hundreds who broke through the Capitol, attacked police and media and destroyed the complex, only 52 rioters were instantly arrested.He drew a comparison with the complex’s militarized stance during the Black Lives Matter Protests in June 2020 “Can you tell us how the Capitol building preparations are going on Nov. January is different from the summer protests? “Padilla asked Sund” It doesn’t matter the person’s message, “Sund replied.” We develop our information, we develop our information and we base a response plan on it. He added that USCP officials only Six Black Lives Matter protesters arrested, but many more were arrested in town Top Capitol Riot Police throw each other under the bus over botched Jan 6 Response No Senator questioned witnesses on any other critical matter: How, if anything, law enforcement helped any of the insurgents A USCP spokesman said last week that six force officials were attacked because of their actions on Jan. Suspended for pay on Jan. 6, and another 29 are under investigation, lawmakers such as Rep Tim Ryan (D-OH) said they saw police officers take selfies with rioters and give them instructions, these questions likely become a fodder for an investigative panel by Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was modeled on the 9/11 Commission to investigate the uprising.These efforts might also be best suited to ultimately confirming the controversial timeline of Jan 6 and fully revealing the bugs tentatively occurred however, the three Capitol Hill authorities, all of whom resigned after Jan 6 – seemed to warn lawmakers not to overreact by proposing reforms to the Capitol’s security protocol after the deadly uprising in Michael Stenger’s very brief opening speech , the former NCO of the Senate, states: “We have to be careful not to get into a e time when the possibility rather than the likelihood determines security planning. “In his opening written address, Sund said that” the USCP did not fail “and the force” accomplished its mission “on Jan. January 6, placing responsibility for the carnage on alleged intelligence errors Under questioning Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sund’s defiance left something after Klobuchar noted that authorities had enough information to know they needed to do additional preparation for Jan 6 “If the information was enough to lead you to why have we not taken any additional steps then? ” She asked, “Why weren’t you and others involved better prepared to face the violence?” Sund replied by repeatedly stating that they had “expanded” the perimeter of the building – the one that was quickly breached by the crowd. When Klobuchar pointed out that this was clearly not enough, Sund said, “Now, in retrospect, this is what it isRead More At The Daily BeastGet Our Top Stories In Your Inbox Every Day Sign Up Now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you Learn More

Axios has learned that the Senate Homeland Security Committee is postponing a hearing scheduled for Wednesday to confirm Neera Tanden, a possible cause of death for President Biden’s nominee to head the Office of Administration and Budget Why it matters: Tanden’s nomination was already there at risk after several senators voiced their opposition While the White House continues to stand by her, the last-minute postponement is another indication of the weakness of her affirmation. With Axios Markets, get market news worthy of your time Subscribe for free “Us postpone the business meeting because the members need more time to examine the candidate, “said an adviser to the committee on condition of anonymity.” The president deserves to have a team he wants and we will work with our members to find out the best way forward “The meeting was for 10 a.m. ETAxios reported Monday that House Democrats were already planning a replacement candidate, Tanden has asked some questions from both parties about her qualifications, but the widest criticism received has been for past militant tweets, not only does she have a long tradition in some of the Republican and Democratic senators who were called to vote on their nominations, but their comments also undermine Biden’s campaign pledge to seek unity and work across parties. Last week, a Democratic compatriot – Sen Joe Manchin of West Virginia – said he wouldn’t vote to confirm her, and this week three Republicans, Susan Collins of Maine, Rob Portman of Ohio, and Mitt Romney of Utah – also said they were potential substitutes in the 50: 50 Senate viewed they would vote no “Your previous actions have shown exactly the kind of hostility that President Biden is committed to overcoming,” Collins said in a statement. The White House stood firm despite criticism and the postponement of the meeting, “Neera Tanden is a leading policy expert bringing critical qualifications to the table in this era of unprecedented crises, “White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement to AxiosTanden, an ally of 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, currently heads the office Center for American Progress: Other supporters have accused Tanden’s opponents of hypocrisy and established Finds that Manchin and many Republican Senators voted to endorse President Trump’s candidates who also posted caustic tweets Be smart: Tanden tried to remedy this by deleting her tweets, apologizing for violations, and making promises To be a non-partisan OMB directorMore from Axios: Subscribe to receive the latest market trends at Axios Markets Subscribe for free

A far-right senator who rebelled against coronavirus restrictions and supported protesters who stormed the Oregon Capitol has been elected Republican Party chairman, showing how the GOP is making a tougher line change in some states and continues to support former President Donald Trump The Rise of Sen State Dallas Heard reflects the bitter frustration of Republicans in Oregon, where Democrats dominate the legislature, governor’s office, and other statewide offices

Since Donald Trump lost in November 2020, Republicans have filed dozens of lawsuits against the results of the presidential election, and they won zero

After an election in which former President Donald Trump made false allegations of fraud, the US. The Supreme Court stands ready to ponder the legality of a restriction on early voting in Arizona, which its Republicans believed was necessary to fight fraud in the Republican-backed bill, in part spurred by a video allegedly showing electoral fraud, the courts later deemed to be misleading made it a crime to provide electoral officials other than family members or caregivers with full early voting to someone else. Community activists sometimes collect ballot papers to facilitate voting and increase voter turnout

Miller tweeted “Assassination AOC” hours after posting pictures of himself storming the Capitol, “Next time we’ll bring the guns,” he said in another post

President issued a disaster statement and approved emergency funding, but extreme weather still leads to extreme anti-government paranoia

The steep stretch of street that Tiger Woods car averaged, hopped, rolled, and crashed on Tuesday is known to cause drivers to reach speeds so high that there is an emergency exit for runaway vehicles just behind it he crashed “This particular stretch of road is one of our trouble spots,” said Carlos Gonzalez, the first on-site officer, the Los Angeles County’s Deputy Sheriff. “Our locals at Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates know it’s a hotspot for Traffic accidents and speed is ”

My 1 year old daughter has only recently started hugging her almost 4 year old big brother and this is the current high point of my life. You are best friends and I absolutely love it But when I have more than five minutes of free time have to wonder adequately how obsessed I am with these little monsters […]

“There’s no conspiracy theory he doesn’t use to defend Trump,” CNN’s Erin Burnett said of the Wisconsin Republican

Half a million Americans have died of COVID by then.President Biden has checked out some war statistics, among other things.This is how he put it in his speech on Monday evening: Today we mark a really grim, heartbreaking milestone: 500071 deaths That’s more Americans who died from this pandemic in a year than in World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War combined.That’s more lives lost to this virus than any other nation on earth compares with war statistics I usually don’t. For one thing, such comparisons lead to silly noise – like the guy who says, “Oh, yeah? Well, how many people died after slipping and falling in the bathtub? How many were struck by lightning? “Do you know the guy? Usually (again) I don’t like a certain type of toting It can be” performative “” It can also be unfair to government officials I’ll explain what I mean Walter Cronkite has been his for more than a year Signed a nightly newscast saying how many days our people had been held hostage in Iran And yet I have to say: Half a million deaths – deaths of the plague – are a lot of markers Donald Trump said something I thought was perfectly true Too At the beginning of the pandemic he said he felt like he was going to be president of the war I thought of FDR: Dr New Deal became Dr Win the war Yes, win the war: Nothing is more important than winning the war Be as determined as possible and go into full swing – again as far as possible It seemed clear to me that Trump would soon get tired of the pandemic and was ready to to finish them Who wasn’t and isn’t? Usually (for the third time) I’m not crazy about putting things on a martial basis (things that aren’t war) I’m not crazy about “moral equivalents” to war either. And yet I think that fighting the virus is some kind of war that makes the president kind of a commander-in-chief Also Comforter-in-Chief, as others have noted, on Monday night Biden gave a great speech in my opinion, half the country will not attribute this to him, I know – but everything could happen over time Biden said, we often hear people referred to as “normal Americans” “That doesn’t exist; there’s nothing common about them The people we lost were extraordinary. They were born in America. They spanned generations Immigrated to America And while we have been fighting this pandemic for so long, we have to fight back against becoming deaf from grief. We have to fight back, every life as status stik or fuzziness in the news And we must do this to honor the dead, but equally important to care for the living and those left behind. Finally, this nation will smile again. This nation will know sunny days again. This nation will know joy again experienced and as we do that we will remember every person we have lost, the life they lived, the loved ones they left behind Joe Biden takes care of the basics of the President I find that a relief. Many other Conservatives agree, whispering to me (some even saying it out loud) • You may have heard of shenanigans at Bon Appétit Bret Stephens quoted them in a column entitled “Woke Me When It’s Over” Long Speech , in short: Bon Appétit combs its archives, changes headings, captions and other things that might offend you now – you name it her “Archive Repair Project” No, Really In response to Bret’s column, Nicholas Christakis made a sharp, accurate remark: “These people read 1984 and thought it was a prescription, not a warningWho is Christakis? It’s hard to summarize quickly. He’s a Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Sciences, Internal Medicine, & Biomedical Engineering, at Yale. This guy has an MD. from Harvard and a PhD in sociology from Penn among others. Studious Fellow • We had a great intern at National Review last summer – more than one, but I think of Carine Hajjar from Harvard She speaks Arabic and Spanish, I remember, and is a wizard and a delight Every campus is lucky enough to have it. She works at Harvard Crimson and has a column titled, “I’m Afraid to Write This Column.” That headline says a lot. People can exaggerate illiberalism and intolerance in our locations – but you can Underestimating these things too This is a big honking problem that cries out to be addressed. Furthermore, campus illiberalism – the Jacobean spirit – carries over to “real life,” as Bari Weiss and others have shown. So Society Is Rotten • A honest writer is gold Diogenes can stop at George F Will and Kevin D. Williamson, I’ve said many times These are real writers, honest writers They tell you what they think is true, come to hell or flood Peggy Noonan’s another honest writer, and I have something in her latest column called “Rush Limbaugh’s Complicated Legacy “Marks One Paragraph: Everyone in Public Life Has a Base. The radio and cable TV speakers, left and right, have one, and Rush had one. And they don’t want to cross them because they’re afraid of them. You have to.” be constantly vigilant where the grassroots are and give them what they want or they can leave. All this worsens and harms public honesty attempts It also feeds political polarization These words should be set in stone They are not only true, they explain also a lot • Marc Short was Vice President Pence’s Chief of Staff; Peter Navarro was President Trump’s trade advisor over the weekend, Navarro tweeted, Marc Short is a tool of the Koch Brothers, the country’s anti-MAGA movement. What @Mike_Pence did under the bad advice of Marc Short was revealed on Aug. January deleted from the & run by @ POTUS45 and the constitution “Tools of the Koch brothers” My friends, that’s how communists talk. You always have. Your enemies are J tools P Morgan, the Rockefellers or “Running Dog Capitalists” “And the Kochs make interesting demons, don’t they? Their company makes helpful and necessary products. The company employs 100 people000 employees Over the decades, the Kochs have given huge sums of money to the arts and other things – including education – The Kochs wanted Americans to understand the value of free enterprise when the flow of education is often reversed with the Left and Trump Right having a say Equal contempt from the Koch family In this tweet, Navarro makes an extraordinary claim about what Pence did on Jan. Has done: “Cut & from @ POTUS45 and the Constitution The words” and the Constitution “seem like an afterthought to me. Trump comes first January was to keep his oath instead of betraying it He followed the rule of law So the mob came after him howling, sent by Trump Seconds ago people like Peter Navarro – and Donald Trump – were in power It’s amazing that we did it without major harm • Let me recommend this news report that begins A former US Marine accused of assaulting officers during the Capitol riot told FBI investigators he was “trapped in the moment” “Uh-huh Aren’t most crimes like that? Some are cool and carefully planned to be safe, but I bet most will be hired if the perpetrators are “caught in the moment” Think of looters, among other evildoers and criminals I have spoken many times of “going with the flow” How many diseases have appeared when people go with the flow – a terrible flow? The man’s lawyer said of his client, “Mr. Shively was a person who was obviously a little carried away in this situation. ”Yes, tell the judge and I think they will or will • Fancy exercising? I want to recommend another article – not by a sports journalist, but by an athlete – a major league pitcher, Blake Snell Fascinating Written Inside – not just baseball but the mind and soul – it tells you how things are here is it • Stay in the sport for a second I watched the Michigan-Ohio State basketball game over the weekend And the announcers kept shouting the name of CJ Walker, who plays for Ohio State. The name rang on me. It stands out in American history out who was C J Walking aid? Well, I thought of Ms. C J Walker, the First Black Woman in America to Become a Millionaire A little research found something I hadn’t known: Anyway, she was the first American woman to be a millionaire (homemade, that is) Incredible Story • A little language? In the last few days I have found that too few writers know how to use “loathe” and “loathe” “Loathe” is a verb, “Loat” is an adjective You loathe someone or something But for some reason you can refuse To say this I hope this distinction never dies, but I’m afraid it is • Here is a story from California: “The 139 year old house rolls to the new San Francisco address“ I loved one passage – this one: The Seasoned Resident Phil Joy told the newspaper he needed to get permits from more than 15 city authorities. Joy said the move was difficult in part because the first part of the journey is downhill. “This is always difficult for a house,” he said, Ha, I bet • Why not end with music? I have a post here about William Kapell Kapell was a brilliant American pianist who died young – at thirty-one. He lived from 1922 to 1953. After all these years, recordings of his playing keep popping up and you just have what the subject of mine is Contribution is I thought I’d share the closing paragraphs with you here on Impromptus: The son of pianist Dave lives in Greenport, New York, near the end of the North Fork of Long Island I have known him and his wife, Eileen Dave Kapell was for many years Mayors of Greenport The Kapells are entrepreneurs who work in both real estate and antiques. I recently met their granddaughter Willa I said to her grandparents and wondered, “So this is Willy Kapell’s great-granddaughter, in fact she is that makes my spine kind of tingle These human connections to this man Thank you for joining me today and see you soon when you Impromptus via EM ail wish to receive – links to new columns – write to jnordlinger @ nationalreviewcom

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit has made his Muslim-majority nation of Sri Lankans, most of whom are Buddhists, a preferred destination for religious tourism, in talks with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Wednesday, Khan highlighted Buddhist heritage sites in Pakistan and Stressed building cultural ties, the Pakistani embassy said in a statement

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News – AU – Elephant riders join coup protests in Myanmar
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