News – AU – European Court of Justice orders Britain 90000 euros compensated for victims of human trafficking


Britain should consider two Vietnamese men convicted of drug crimes despite signs of human trafficking, 90Paying € 000 as compensation As children and forced to work on cannabis farms, Europe’s supreme law ruled on Tuesday

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said the UK failed to protect potential victims of child trafficking in a 2009 case and violated two articles prohibiting forced labor and the right to a fair trial

The court ordered the UK to grant 25 to each of the applicants who are now over the age of 20000 euros in damages and 20Must pay 000 euros for costs and expenses

The UK government has three months to decide whether to appeal the judgment in the Grand Chamber of the ECHR

Proponents of slavery welcomed the ruling, saying it could affect the treatment of victims in other European countries

“It’s actually a game changer in terms of the rights of all trafficking victims to protection,” said Parosha Chandran, an attorney who represented one of the two plaintiffs in the case

“That ruling will apply to many victims today, tomorrow and years to come,” she added

In its decision, the Strasbourg-based court set out how the two Vietnamese applicants – referred to as VC.L. and aN – were discovered working on cannabis farms in the UK in 2009 and charged with drug offenses of which they plead guilty

Following their conviction, the two youths were detained in facilities for juvenile offenders before they were later recognized as victims of trafficking by the UK authorities

However, prosecutors ultimately concluded they had not been acted and the UK Court of Appeals ruled that the decision to prosecute them was warranted

However, the ECHR stated that prosecutors had not given clear reasons to contest the classification of the two Vietnamese as victims of trafficking in human beings, and that the appellate court only examined whether the prosecution decision was an abuse of process

The lack of an assessment of whether the applicants were acted may have prevented them from gathering important evidence in support of their defense, the ruling reads

The United Kingdom has thus violated Article 4 – Prohibition of Forced Labor – and Article 6 – Right to a fair trial – under the European Convention on Human Rights under the ECHR

In the UK, 10627 suspected modern slaves identified – an increase of 52% per year – as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the crime further underground, with victims less likely to be found or received, according to activists
Police, lawyers and activists have raised concerns that children are often being prosecuted for drug charges despite evidence that they were coerced and legal defense to protect such accused under Britain’s Modern Slavery Act of 2015

“This case overwhelmingly proves that identification is vital for victims of child trafficking, especially if they are involved in criminal exploitation,” said Anna Sereni, coordinator of the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group, a coalition of charities / p>

“We are pleased that the ECHR has recognized the importance of protecting children through principles of non-punishment and non-prosecution,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation

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News – AU – European judicial tribunal orders Britain 90000 euros compensated for victims of human trafficking
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