News – AU – European Naval Group offers Emirati citizens high-level opportunities in the defense and security industries


ABU DHABI, 23 February 2021 (WAM) – Alan Gilo, Executive Vice President of the European Naval Group, confirmed that the group is working with its partners in the UAE in the field of knowledge transfer and collaborative research to benefit the citizens of the Emirates in the defense and security sectors To offer opportunities at a high level

He said that in connection with attending IDEX and NAVALEX 2021, the Naval Group, in partnership with the Economic Balance Council, has launched an initiative to create a virtual training program titled Sustainable and Enhancing Defense and Security Industry Localization With the aim of providing young Emiratis with a virtual education at the Naval Group, “includes” they will be trained virtually by our experts on how to overcome the effects of the “Coronavirus” pandemic so that they can support the defense and security needs of the country in the years to come can

The Executive Vice President of the Naval Group was ready to meet the Emirati Navy’s needs for training and its willingness to develop solutions that adapt to their needs The Naval Group’s presence in the UAE contributes to development innovative technologies that meet the operational needs of the Navy and Coast Guard These products can be targeted to export markets, the economic benefits of which will have a positive impact on the national defense industry and technology, base and regional markets, as our proximity to the end user enables better customer interaction and efficiency

The company is showing the frigate “Pilhara”, which has won awards in crisis and combat management and enables modern navies to adapt to the digitization of warfare and ensure maritime superiority. This compact digital frigate leads all operations of large ships with increasing accuracy and high capabilities in the areas of anti-aircraft warfare from ships, submarines and asymmetric warfare

He said, “We pride ourselves on working with our partners to develop long-term, sustainable relationships and projects that add to the capabilities of national sovereignty and create lasting benefits for our group’s long-term engagement in the UAE has resulted in the establishment of a new office in Abu Dhabi “

On the Naval Group’s interest in Artificial Intelligence, he said that technological superiority of our capabilities is necessary as Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in the future of maritime systems in the face of the tide of conflict resulting from digital technology, revolution and “robots” on the battlefield

He added that the most important skills of the current naval forces are information control, operational dominance and their ability to withstand at sea, as artificial intelligence can be applied to all of these areas and ensures superiority of decision as well as accelerate the pace

Under the term digital ships, Alan Gilo said that the “digital ship” incorporates new technologies and solutions that will lead to a new era of warships as these digital technologies enable the Navy to address threats of the 21st century Century such as asymmetric warfare or electronic warfare and data management to counter the massive, to cope with the growing needs of the navy operating at sea

He said that the “Bilhara” is the first combat ship to face the challenges of digital technologies and has been equipped with various widely used digital systems such as “CMS, IPMS, IBNS, PMS and communication system”

He stated that the Naval Group is proposing innovative solutions to meet the new needs of in-service support for digital warships, with the aim of improving on-board maintenance capabilities and better anticipating failures through predictive maintenance and the Use the support of the onshore maintenance center

He stated that digital transformation is having a significant impact on the maritime defense industry, as it is in any other civil industry, where naval forces are looking for Naval Group’s customers to benefit from the enhanced operational capabilities they have Transformation, meanwhile, has enabled protection from traditional and emerging threats that are becoming increasingly important, such as attacks by electronic systems or unmanned

He said the Naval Group has a presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a subsidiary that signs service contracts for the naval forces Another subsidiary in Egypt has also opened to support the fleet, the 2 Mistral helipads, a frigate and includes 4 Gwind-style corvettes

It is worth noting that the Naval Group is a European company operating in the maritime defense field, leveraging its exceptional experience, industrial resources and ability to develop innovative strategic partnerships to meet the needs of its clients designs, manufactures and supports submarines and ships as well as services for shipyards and naval bases and solutions for renewable marine energy

The group achieved sales of € 3 7 billion and employed 15 at the end of 2019168 employees

Sub, Linda Reynolds, Secretary of Defense, Australia, Naval Group, Scott Morrison

News – AU – The European Naval Group offers Emirati citizens high-level opportunities in the defense and security industries
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