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Few of the details that the cars featured earlier showed us showed us with the exception of the Aston Martin AMR21, which was shown in a configuration very close to that in testing

Much of the technical analysis we did during these days of presentations left few details to comment on or directly exposed the attempts by the teams to confuse us by including different versions of the same piece in the included ones digital renderings presented to the press

However, Aston Martin has decided to present a car that is much closer to the one seen in the pre-season in Bahrain.Sensitive elements such as the interpretation of the new land regulations that many others have deliberately hidden can be seen in all their glory in the AMR21

Every car and racing fan is well aware of the British green color that was popularized by racing drivers in the first two thirds of the last century. Now Aston Martin is finding such a mythical tone again that we forget the harsh pink of Racing Point / p>

Without a doubt, the new car welcomes the brand in style and will certainly choose to be one of the most beautiful on the 2021 grid, but on the technical side, let’s start analyzing the new AMR21, pointing out that the front end is basically the same as what we could see on last year’s RP20

Wings, nose and skin are the same, although the front wing mounts seem to make the tunnel under the nose a little longer. In any case, this is a “simple” check of the volumes of the individual elements, but without that To deviate from the concept that Mercedes started and that has already become popular on the grill

The intermediate zone, which has remained almost the same in most of the vehicles presented so far, changes significantly with the AMR21, but retains a similar general approach as with Racing Point with

Starting from the top, the RP20’s large flaps will disappear for the moment, although it will be necessary to see if they return in the tests.In addition, the launch board The Boomerang has been added in its foremost zone, as well as the five-way grille-type front derailleur, which is connected to the side deflector, modified

The latter is now shorter at the top so that it is further away from the horizontal deflector on the pontoon, which is also new compared to 2020.In addition, it includes a horizontal profile at the base that follows the rope of the floor towards the derailleur. p>

The rear half of the car has also been redesigned The engine cover is similar to that used by Mercedes in 2020. In the chain of images below, we can see how Racing Point has developed in this area since early 2020 and the fall of the upper river in its encounter with the lower canal that runs around the base of the pontoon circulated, increasingly radicalized

This is how the pontoons and engine cover evolved, which are now more similar to Mercedes’

In addition, the AMR21 includes the hump we saw when the Mercedes W12 was presented, although in this case it is larger than that of the German brand’s car, as in this case, we conclude that this lead is due to the engine or one of its auxiliary systems is causing

At the very top, the AMR21 differs from the Mercedes in that the central excavation of the engine cover starts closer to the halo and creates a more pronounced upper channel under the hump

As mentioned earlier, Aston Martin has introduced a floor with a Grand Prix specification, that is, with an already advanced development that is not limited to just compliance

It is therefore the first serious interpretation that we see of an important area for the aerodynamics of the load generation of the car, since the rear tire creates a lot of turbulence and this negatively affects the diffuser

Aston Martin has chosen to add three flow deflectors connected by a horizontal flange to the front of the floor and a group of six to the rear end next to the tire

The floor of the AMR21 is very developed compared to the other vehicles presented

This is an attempt to compensate for the ban on the use of slits or slits in both areas in order to mitigate as much as possible the negative effects of turbulence on the sealing of the diffuser sides. Undoubtedly the comparison with the regulations for 2020, which we can see in the RP20, remarkable

The rest of the stern doesn’t change in terms of Racing Point and the rear spoiler It’s the same as the one used in the RP20 last year

Certainly we will see some changes to the car in the first few races, but it is very likely that the AMR21 will be the car that changes the least during testing. And it is that Aston Martin has dared, a lot teaching more than your grill colleagues, although its Mercedes base is obvious Now it has to be done quickly

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News – AU-F1 technology – Technical analysis of Aston Martin AMR21: the most daring