News – AU – Fraud and a love triangle with the new Trish: All the MAFS 2021 gossip in one place


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This year we’ll be following nine couples on their quest for Instagram followers who love against all odds. And by “against all odds” we mean the 66 percent success rate of previous Australian couples

It’s awful and we can’t look away Before the premiere tonight, we thought we’d round up all of the juicy gossip you need to get up to asap

According to the Daily Mail, this season is going to have a shocking twist and it
involved the new sexologist Alessandra Rampolla

Apparently one of the grooms, now identified as 44-year-old businessman James, confesses that he has fallen in love with another woman

Then he announces that he is in love with Alessandra, which supposedly leaves his bride and the production team speechless

Just to make things more uncomfortable (yes, it’s getting worse), Alessandra calls on him to do so, saying she thinks it is “completely disrespectful”

“He’s always expected to be compared to someone his level for status, career and wealth – and the person closest to his level is Alessandra,” an anonymous source on New Idea,

“Joanne is a single mom trying to support three children from a barber’s wage who shop at Kmart, and he’s a multimillionaire – it’s always been difficult”

Apparently, two MAFS stars knew each other well before they met on the show, and this should be interesting to see

According to the Daily Mail, 31-year-old charity CEO Jake Edwards and Perth
The 31-year-old musician Booka Nile knew each other pretty well before filming, as the two were working together on Booka’s music project Sonic Minds

Luckily the pundits didn’t bring the two together as it would completely go against the entire premise of marriage at first sight, but we can take a look at their relationship at dinner parties and group gatherings

According to the So Dramatic! Podcast, former AFL player Jake Edwards reportedly cheated on his fiancée six weeks earlier
their wedding, and that doesn’t look so good for his future wife

According to Jake’s MAFS bio, he was “previously engaged” and “ended the relationship when he realized he no longer loved her”

But a friend of his ex-fiancé, Paige, said she actually ended things after finding out he cheated on her for three months

She told So Dramatic! Host Megan Pustetto: “Jake cheated on Paige for over three months and at the same time
Time when everything was okay told her that he loved her and that he can’t wait to make her his wife “

“Paige found messages to other women on his phone just six weeks before they should walk down the aisle. She kicked him out immediately”

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The friend also said Paige didn’t find out Jake was on the show until the rest of Australia did

“Who could possibly be preparing for a wedding if they [Jake Edwards] were to marry the love of their life nine months earlier? It’s just selfish Paige is devastated I can’t believe he’s after what he is did to her, would go on a show so quickly ”
they stated

“And it will bring a lot of hurt and trauma in the past to see the man she should marry, marry someone else and be on national television”

Pustetto also has multiple Instagram stories about So Dramatic! Instagram page that doesn’t exactly make Jake look in the best light

“The lies have started get ready for all the crap that comes out of his mouth, all of them, “one of the captions reads

We can only predict that there will be more to this story when the show airs – so stay tuned

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News – AU – Fraud and a love triangle with the new Trish: All the MAFS 2021 gossip in a place