News – AU – German beach volleyball duo boycott Qatar tournament because of bikini issue


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The German beach volleyball stars Karla Borger and Julia Sude have announced that they will be boycotting a tournament in Qatar next month because the tournament is aimed at participants with bikinis – the usual uniform for beach volleyball players

Planned boycott brings cultural differences to the fore on the international sports scene Women players at the FIVB World Tour event in March in Doha, Qatar were asked to wear jerseys and long pants to compete, FIVB, the global beach volleyball association, said that the rule is “out of respect for the culture and traditions of the host country”

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“It’s not about wearing little, it’s about not being able to do our work in our work clothes,” Sude told Sports and Business Mag. “We don’t want to agree to that”

“We are there to do our work, but are prevented from wearing our work clothes,” Borger told the radio station Deutschlandfunk on Sunday. “This is really the only country and the only tournament where we have a government says how we should do our work – we criticize that ”

The Qatar Volleyball Federation made it clear that “we have no requirements for athletes’ clothing” and that the organization is “committed to making all athletes feel welcome and comfortable at next month’s event”

In the past, there were also exceptions for athletes from Qatar 2019, the athletes of the World Athletics Championships wore their usual uniform At the ANOC World Beach Games 2019, volleyball players were allowed to compete in bikinis

Borger also questioned the premise of holding a sports competition in Qatar, considering a track record of alleged human rights abuses and discriminatory labor practices, the country will host the World Cup next year again

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News – AU – German beach volleyball duo boycott Qatar tournament due to bikini problem