News – AU – Google has now patched Journey to the Savage Planet, even though its studio no longer exists


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Google informs The Verge that Journey to the Savage Planet, one of the first and last games from one of the Google studios, has now been patched after gamers discovered there were breakthrough bugs and tech support was no help It was initially unclear who could fix the game as the developers apparently moved on The trip to the Savage Planet debuted on Jan. February in Stadia, the same day that Google closed its Stadia studios and its employees were either admitted to other parts of Google or laid off

Journey to the Savage Planet was developed by Typhoon Studios, a studio that Google acquired to expand its first-party Stadia titles, and the game’s players found a number of bugs, including one that certain players didn’t know about We couldn’t verify that all the bugs were fixed, but we can imagine Google wouldn’t say it was fixed unless the groundbreaking ones were gone. On Reddit, the company simply says, “This problem should be fixed now ”

Eurogamer reported that Reddit users had been complaining about the issues for weeks, with Typhoon Studios staff either leaving Google or taking on new roles, Journey to the Savage Planet players in Stadia had tried both Google and Reaching publisher 505 Games While 505 Games released the game on other platforms, Google owns all of the game code and data according to a support response allegedly received by Reddit users

In reality, some of Stadia’s game development team was still working on this patch, Google tells The Verge While it’s a bit strange that the company wasn’t able to say this earlier, it is possible that it wasn’t alerting us to a problem wanted that was already fixed

According to the media reports, Google has confirmed that the problems have been investigated. “We are aware of this and our team is working diligently with our partner publisher to find a solution,” said the Stadia team on Twitter today. A Google employee also has Posted on the Stadia subreddit to confirm the company has investigated the issues

Journey to the Savage Planet was one of the first games launched by Google’s in-house development organization Stadia Games and Entertainment.It’s going to be a memorable last one too.It’s still included for free with Google’s Stadia Pro subscription. p>

Update, 1:56 p.m. ET: Article headline and parts have been rewritten to indicate that Google has now released a patch

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News – AU – Google has now patched Journey to the Savage Planet, although its studio is no longer available