News – AU – Greetings to you as a monster threatened by a storm front 130km to the southeast


Residents in southeast Queensland have been warned of severe thunderstorms that can cause large hailstones, noxious winds, and flash floods

The Bureau of Meteorology said that at 4:25 p.m., severe thunderstorms moving northeast were detected on weather radar near Jimna, Cunninghams Gap, and the Border Ranges National Park southwest of Brisbane

They were predicted to affect Moogerah Dam, Aratula and Borumba Dam at 4.55 a.m. and Boonah, the area southwest of Gympie and the areas between Gympie and Murgon at 5.25 p.m.

Queensland was hot around noon, and the heatwave conditions raised temperatures in the central west of the state to over 40 ° C

The hottest place in Queensland right now is Longreach (40) 5C at noon, followed by Blackall at 399C and Rockhampton and Blackwater at 38C

It comes after Southeast Queensland was treated to a nightly lightning show as the state swelled from a final summer heat wave

While only 18mm fell overnight in Brisbane, a lightning bolt lit the sky around 11 p.m., captured by Twitter users, some of whom were woken by the storm

Tonight a stunning light show is pulling through most of Southeast Queensland that bolt was pointed west from Coorparoo, where it was just beginning to rain as the thunder built @ 10NewsFirstQLD # bnestormpicTwittercom / Aj3bDaQ9M8

Most of the rainfall was recorded in Goonburra south of Toowoomba at 34 mm. Eagle Farm near Brisbane Airport received 18 mm in the night storage hall

A record day followed in Queensland, with Rockhampton recording its hottest February day since 1969 at 414C, nine degrees above average

Bundaberg hit 386C, well above 30C average Gatton, west of Brisbane, hit 404C, nine degrees above average

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster James Thompson said a low pressure system over the Tasman Sea was responsible for the heat wave

“This has been drawing hot air from central Australia to east Queensland in the past few days, which is why we’ve seen heat wave conditions,” he said

“See you Tuesday another warm day across much of Queensland Starting tomorrow in East Queensland

Mr Thompson said there was a threat of further storms on Tuesday afternoon, more likely through Darling Downs and the western parts of the Southeast

“There is definitely a chance the storm could hit the coast today, but whether it will hit Brisbane is difficult to say,” he said


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News – AU – Hail as a monster 130 km storm front threatens the southeast