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A GTA Online modder was apparently able to reduce loading times by up to 70% and also offered players who want to cut the solution their own loading times

Modder T0ST has published an article dealing with the appalling load times in GTA Online After doing some research and writing a unique program to interact with the game files, T0ST managed to reduce load times by up to 70%

It turns out that the game doesn’t necessarily have issues loading because of its open world, but rather because there is a CPU bottleneck that is most felt on low or medium tier PCs, as well as a JSON parser who does this is apparently poorly implemented and can’t really handle the 10MB JSON database that the game needs to read in order to open properly, this database contains a whopping 63000 items and is searched by the parser every time the game is opened (according to the Digital Foundry)

What’s worse, once the “poorly built / naive” JSON parser has finally passed through the file, the routine for deduplicating Rockstar’s elements also runs particularly slowly

T0ST was able to write a DLL file that can be imported into the GTA Online file and used to significantly improve load times

The file contains a library of functions and other information that a Windows program can access to make it easier to understand and parse. In creating this new T0ST, the DLL file (and made it available for public download essentially made the load time improvements they achieved in their own game available to everyone

Of course, be aware that if you don’t really know what you are doing here, you could mess your saved game and data, or even risk a Rockstar ban from tampering with official game files. You have been warned!

In T0ST’s preliminary research, the modder found that over 80% of users complained about a 3 to 6 minute load time when starting GTA Online Over 35% said they usually wait 6 minutes or more for this to come into play

T0ST urged Rockstar to fix this issue as they don’t believe it will be too big a problem to be solved “If this somehow gets to Rockstar: Problems shouldn’t take more than a day to resolve individual developer has solved it, “concluded the modder in his post

Speeding up load times should be a popular call for many gamers After all, GTA Online had more monthly players in 2020 than any other year so far

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News – AU – GTA Online player claims to have figured out why the game loads so slowly, offers fix – VG247