News – AU – Hasler feared for the season after Turbo’s bizarre bathroom injury



Male coach Des Hasler initially feared Tom Trbojevic sustained a possibly seasonal hamstring tear when his superstar full-back fell over in the bathroom of his family home

Scans on Monday showed that Trbojevic will spend the next 6-7 weeks recovering from a second grade tear in his right achilles tendon

The salvation for the Sea Eagles and Trbojevic is that he has now injured his “good” Achilles tendon and not the other one that has limited him to 19 games in the last two seasons

Hasler told NRLcom that he feared the worst when he first learned of Trbojevic’s recent injury setback, suffering early Sunday morning three weeks before Manly’s first encounter with the Roosters

“It’s pretty embarrassing to say, but I just woke up on Sunday morning and slipped into the bathroom and just felt I could,” Trbojevic said on Monday

“It didn’t feel good, I’ve felt this feeling before, so I knew what was going on pretty quickly

“It’s a good thing I think the other hammy is obviously more difficult to fix anymore

“A new injury can often be better so we’ll get the positive out of it Obviously it’s difficult to find one in this situation but it’s part of life and I’ll work hard to be out there again”

Manly’s only goal in the preseason against West’s Tigers gains momentum as Hasler is now looking for a temporary replacement for the full-back

The Sea Eagles coach nominated full-backs Reuben Garrick and Morgan Harper as early candidates who trained in the back over the summer

Tevita Funa also filled the Nr1 jersey late last year when Trbojevic was injured, while Jason Saab is also under consideration, although a club debut on the right wing seems more likely for the 199cm tall wood

Given that they have only won eight out of 27 games without Trbojevic with 29% in the last two seasons, Hasler is grateful that the 24-year-old’s bathroom tiles did no further damage to the club’s campaign

“We’re grateful that it doesn’t matter that he didn’t tear it off the bone like Latrell Mitchell,” Hasler told NRLcom

“That was my biggest concern when he had the scans. We avoided that, that 20 week period that makes up most of your season

“We have to be philosophical about the fact that it is probably a good thing that it happened now rather than the middle of the year

“We have three weeks before kick-off and it will likely be a six week turnaround so he will likely miss the first three games”

“We have guys like Reuben [Garrick] and Morgan Harper running in that position all the time. At one point we needed cover for Tommy, and Origin came by anyway

“I only feel for the kid, he worked so hard and he was like a kid with a bag of lollipops But we’re philosophical about it”

Trbojevic was in tip-top shape at the end of a busy preseason, telling NRLcom at the Fox League start on Thursday that he would likely be kept on hold for the Tigers trial, but otherwise it was good to go

He and veteran Kieran Foran had been working with thigh injury prevention experts for a week in Melbourne before Christmas, introducing new training plans to keep them in the paddock in 2021

Hasler said more work could be done with the research from the Australian Catholic University as Trbojevic’s recent injury occurred to the opposite Achilles tendon

“The way it happened, if it was in training or a game, I guess I can take it a little more,” said Trbojevic when apologizing to the Sea Eagles fans

“But for it to happen at home, and the reason I haven’t been able to play footy for the past few years the members, fans and the club have great confidence in me and i haven’t played footy enough, that’s why you feel bad for them

“This club has shown a lot of confidence in me and I couldn’t stay on the field and pay back that. I have to work hard and try to rewrite it”

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News – AU – Hasler feared Turbo’s bizarre bathroom injury around the season