News – AU – How to Keep Up With Don’t Bore Us, Now We Got Fucked By Facebook


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If you haven’t heard the news, Big Tech leader Mark Zuckerberg spat out the dummy and blocked all news in Australia Don’t Bore Us will be sure to feel the effects of these new changes

It’s a heartbreaking decision because nothing we enjoy more than delivering messages to you about your favorite artists and musicians

Artists and promoters rely on us to tell their stories and market their tours Currently we can exchange data and results with artists and organizers via Facebook. Facebook has now taken the opportunity for artists to spread the stories about them and to market this content to their fans

We’re not going to let Mark Zuckerberg sniff the wick of our passion.We are determined to keep bringing you the news that matters most to you That’s why we started The Brag Observer

We have started preparing for that day in 2020, when the whispering of the industry turned to severe threats, we launched our newsletter network The Brag Observer

We have launched newsletter categories for fans of indie rock, hip hop, live music, comedy, games, & drinks, vegan, travel, and much more.We are still expanding our list of categories via a fan-voted system where our fans request newsletters based on what they love

This platform is on 300000 fans who get the latest touring, festival and artist stories straight to their inbox This allows us to continue working with artists and promoters, allowing fans not to miss anything or just see what Zuckerberg allows them to

The Brag Media publications such as Tone Deaf, Rolling Stone Australia, Variety, The Industry Observer and Don’t Bore Us distribute their content through The Brag Observer

If you would like to continue supporting Australian music and music journalism, please subscribe to a Brag Observer newsletter :: click here to join The Brag Observer now

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News – AU – How to keep up with Don’t Bore Us, now we got fucked by Facebook
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