News – AU – “I wish I could have shared this win with dad,” says Robert Irwin


On Monday morning Robert Irwin gave a Komodo dragon a great cuddle and a stomach massage

??????????????????????????????????????????????? ??? says Steve’s 17-year-old son in self-confident tones that immediately recall the father who died when Robert was just two years old

Irwin helped a group of scientists study the movement of the giant predator (Indah)

“You’re pretty vicious when you see her in a feeding reply,” he says. But after we had all the dates together, we just sat in her enclosure [at Australia Zoo] and she came over and enjoyed a few tummy taps and scrapes and just found their way into your lap to cuddle

â ???? And when you see the other side of a notoriously dangerous animal, you will truly appreciate it even moreâ ????

â ???? And when you start to see this in animals that are quite vicious I think it’s really important to share that and photography is a great tool for that you can definitely paint a picture and show an animal in a different light, and it can go a long way towards protecting themâ ????

Irwin, who first picked up a camera at the age of six and “would just take photos of a tree or a door,” won Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer The People’s Choice Award last week for the 2020, selected from a shortlist by the public, was made 50 by the London institution000 entries selected from around the world

Finalists included leading wildlife photographers such as National Geographic’s Ami Vitale Roberts Bild ???? A drone shot of a bushfire front at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Cape York stood out as “moving and symbolic,” said Doug Gurr, director of the Natural History Museum

Irwin says he accidentally started my drone and I was impressed with the contrast, one side of this beautiful lush bushland and the other side was black, completely burned out, just ash

â ???? With only a few minutes of battery left, I knew I only had to take a quick shot. This tells the most important storyâ ????

Since the 2019-20 bushfires, Irwin says, his zoo has been seeing a trauma season like we’ve never seen before Is your hospital dealing with the aftermath of massive habitat loss? such as injuries to animals moving into inhabited areas in search of food

“Sometimes after a major disaster like this, people say,” This is not the time to talk about climate change We just have to focus on the fires “, a ???? Says Irwin I disagree. This is the time to really start a broader discussion”

Last year he and his mother Terri Irwin went to Kangaroo Island, where the Australian zoo teams were helping the wild animals affected by the fire

“People were literally throwing trailerloads of koalas with terrible injuries into the wildlife park,” he remembers. It was one of the most devastating things I’ve ever seen, absolutely terrible. What used to be a beautiful eucalyptus forest was just nothing, a moonscape And you would only see burned bodies on the roadside, as far as you could only see dead koalas everywhereâ ????

It made him even more determined to get the word out, he says. Just as zoos help inspire love for wild animals and promote their conservation, he hopes his photographs and documentaries can do the same

“It’s a milestone I’m really proud of, and I wish he could have been here to experience it and be part of our excitement”Says Irwin,” He was an avid photographer “Not a lot of people know this, he had an amazing artistic eye I think I probably got a lot of this from him

Terri Irwin with daughter Bindi and son Bob attends the memorial service for her husband at Australia Zoo in 2006Credit: DAVE HUNT

â ???? I am fortunate enough to be able to continue his work. He had the greatest voice in conservation and I want to make sure this never diesâ ????

Nick Miller is the arts editor for The Age. Previously, he was the European correspondent for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald

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News – AU – “I wish I could have shared this win with dad,” says Robert Irwin