News – AU – Immigration NZ closes offices in Mumbai, Manila and Pretoria in March


Immigration New Zealand has announced that it will close three of its in-house offices and open a fourth due to a sharp drop in visa applications due to New Zealand’s closed border

INZ announced Tuesday that it will close offices in Mumbai in India, Pretoria in South Africa and Manila in the Philippines by March. It also plans to withdraw visa processing from its Beijing office while maintaining the presence of ” Risk and Review ”

INZ said the change was mainly caused by the drastic drop in visa applications for visitors and students, which are mostly processed offshore

It is also an acknowledgment of the reality that the offices have been closed since March 2020 when the government closed the border to all New Zealand citizens and residents with very few exceptions

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For the month of November – the last month of confirmed figures – net migration to New Zealand had fallen to 672 people while a total of 2,802 people arrived, a decrease from a February 2020 high of 21784 arrivals and a net migration of 15065 people

In the year leading up to December, preliminary figures showed that for the full year, migrant arrivals were down 484 percent and annual net migration decreased from 73100 on 44100 back Of these 44100 people were an estimated 33500 New Zealand citizens who returned home

“This is not a decision we made lightly. Our people in these offices have made a significant contribution to INZ and New Zealand,” INZ Deputy Head Catriona Robinson said in a statement

“However, these offices have been closed since March 2020 and with no certainty when the visa volume could return to normal, INZ had to make some difficult decisions

“The Beijing office reopened in September 2020 and is currently processing visa applications for people already in New Zealand. The timing of the Beijing visa revocation process will depend on a number of factors, including visa volumes and changes in New Zealand border restrictions INZ will continue to monitor this for the next six months, “said Robinson

In line with the closings, INZ said it will strengthen its onshore processing capacity in New Zealand

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News – AU – Immigration New Zealand closes offices in Mumbai, Manila and Pretoria in March