News – AU – In the coldest city in Europe, which has become an eerily abandoned ghost town


Vorkuta was formerly known as the capital of the world as a large number of migrant workers were attracted to the coal mines before the freezing. Temperatures as low as -50 ° C saw the population shrink

The coal mining town of Vorkuta was formerly known as the capital of the world because of the many different nationalities that could be found there

Despite being 90 miles north of the Arctic Circle, well-paid work and benefits drew migrant workers from across Asia and Eastern Europe to the city

When the work in the coal mine dried up the people in droves, many through a Russian government program to relocate the people in the south

Snow has crept into large apartment blocks, many of which have only a few residents left The lights of their windows are little spots against the freezing darkness of the night

While the summer migration brings some numbers back to Vorkuta to work, in winter the temperatures of -50 ° C and the status as the coldest settlement in Europe keep many away

The name of the city in the language of the Nenets reindeer herders – the abundance of bears – could provide another reason

According to the last census in 2010, around 70 were alive000 people in the city – 35000 in 30 years

Vorkuta not only served as a mining town but was also established to serve the camp

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The insides of some buildings have been completely taken over by the elements, with snow cascades bursting into one room

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News – AU – In the coldest city in Europe that has become an eerie abandoned ghost town