News – AU – Indian Women Rising and Educate Girls USA raise funds to educate the cast of the film Bittu


The collaboration was also supported by the global icon Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who gave the fundraiser a greeting out of solidarity with the right to education for the young girls

Indian Women Rising, a cinema collective founded by Ekta Kapoor, Guneet Monga, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana and Ruchikaa Kapoor Sheikh, is working with Educate Girls USA, an NGO founded by Safeena Husain, to raise funds for the two young lead actors, Rani collect and Renu Kumari from the Oscar-competing short film ‘Bittu’ The collaboration was also supported by global icon Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who gave the fundraiser a greeting in solidarity with the right of young girls to education

Priyanka said, “Bittu moves, raw and real. It takes in a devastating incident and presents it from a unique perspective. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to give it the attention it deserves. It’s a great one Example of how women who support women can make anything possible and the Indian Women Rising Collective is evidence of that and I can’t wait to see what they do next “

She added, “Cinema around the world needs more women to bring their voices, stories and perspectives to the fore and this is a step in that direction. This fundraiser will benefit these two amazing young girls, Rani and Renu Kumari, help continue her education and make all of her dreams and ambitions come true, and I hope many will come forward to make this a reality. “The fundraiser is scheduled for today and will be organized by Prajakta Koli, who participated in the recent published Netflix show ‘Mismatched’ was moderated

Commenting on this, Prajakta said: “It is my great pleasure to be associated with a beautiful work of art like Bittu in any form. I have so much love for Guneet, Tahira and Ekta because I always tell stories that touching your heart in unknown ways Plus, being shortlisted for the academy is a tremendous achievement and I’m so proud of the way things are developing in our country “

While the fundraiser will highlight the importance of girls’ education, it also aims to raise awareness of the associated benefits for the girl’s overall development, including trust, health and hygiene, her decision-making and delegation of authority by Karishma Dev Dube, ‘Bittu’ is based on a true story and tells the story of a close friendship between two girls that was overshadowed by accidental poisoning at school, from casting real children through the Himalayan valleys to shooting Against the backdrop of the mountains, the film offers its viewers both a visually aesthetic and an authentic experience

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The film has received wide acclaim and recognition for its distinctive cinematography and poignant storytelling.The strength of the film also lies in its unconventional cast. The main characters of Bittu and Chand are played by first-time cast members from the local community in Uttarakhand, in who the film was shot

He elaborated on this Karishma and said: “This film exists because of the unforgettable appearances of Rani Kumari and Renu Kumari. Without our two young leads, Bittu would never have the lifespan it currently has and represents India on global platforms such as the Academy and the Director’s Guild Of America “

She added, “Regardless of their challenging circumstances, these little girls were consummate professionals who keep up with the rigors of filmmaking. If you watch this movie, you can’t deny that Rani and Renu deserve it all, or at least one Shot into life that offers opportunities that can help hone the irrefutable talent that is already there “

Speaking of the fundraiser in support of the film’s lead actors ‘education, Karishma said, “Today, like many other children, Rani and Renu are fighting to stay in class. They come from a migrant workers’ community that has been particularly hard hit during the pandemic” She went on to say, “I am so grateful for Educate Girls and Indian Women Rising who have come together to help us change the lives of these two incredible children and their families if we can give them the life they deserve, then. If we can give them the life they deserve.” it would be the best we could have achieved with this film “

Indian women stand up in a joint statement: “Bittu is a special film and the two girls are its soul. The performances of Rani and Renu in the film have shown that every child is gifted and only needs one opportunity to thrive We are thrilled to work with Educate Girls USA and raise funds to ensure the education and general development of Rani and Renu Education is every child’s fundamental right and it is our humble effort to make a real difference in the lives of these two talented girls ”

Safeena Husain, Founder of Educate Girls USA, said: “Children Must Have Equal Opportunities to Access Quality Education With this collaboration, we seek to highlight the critical importance of investing in girls’ education “Husain added,” It is the best investment the world can make as it positively impacts 9 sustainable development goals, including health, nutrition, employment and even climate change. This investment also contributes to the intergenerational cycle of poverty To break through patriarchy and illiteracy, since an educated girl is more than twice as likely to bring up her children “

The 93 Academy Awards announced shortlists in nine categories almost a month ago, and ‘Bittu’ shortlisted live-action shorts. ‘Bittu’, who competes among 174 films from around the world, qualified after the first Election round for the top 10 and will now be subjected to the votes of members of the short film and animation industry to determine the nominees

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News – AU – Indian Women Rising and Girls Raising USA to raise funds to help cast the film Bittu to educate