News – AU – Kangaroo bone tools excavated from a remote cave, estimated to be 35000 years old


bone tools found in a remote North Australian cave are older than 35000 years, making them among the oldest in the nation

Eight tools made from kangaroo bones were unearthed from the Riwi Cave in the southern Kimberley by archaeologists with the help of the nearby Mimbi community in the early 1990s

Only now could better dating techniques be the tools between the ages of 35000 and 46Make it 000 years old

Carved from the kangaroo ulna, tibia or fibula, the pointed bone tools were used for processing spinifex resin, for basket weaving, for processing plant fibers or for hunting birds and fish

It is rare that the harsh climate in Northern Australia tools nearly 46Have survived for 000 years and show the range of skills that the first Australians used

“Bone technology in Australia doesn’t survive the long periods of time people have been here,” said Michelle Langley of Griffith University

Riwi is a limestone cave in the country of Gooniyandi, 90 kilometers east of Fitzroy Crossing Previously, shell beads, a boomerang, seeds and charcoal were extracted from cooking fires

Archeology professor Jane Balme from the University of Western Australia has spent many hours in the Rivi Cave, working with experts across the country to identify the tools

Professor Balme said the tools demonstrated the importance of organic materials in the early First Nations technologies

“They provide a glimpse into a wider variety of activities being performed by humans than is revealed by stone artifacts alone,” said Professor Balme

“Using the natural anatomy of the bone, they have been straightened to one or both ends, depending on what they’re used for. They have been chipped or shaped”

“It’s always nice to think about who might have used this. Is it a tool for women, a tool for men, or was it something that kids played with?”

The research, which also included the Australian National University, was published in the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology

We recognize the Aboriginal people and the Torres Strait Islander as the first Australians and traditional administrators of the countries where we live, learn and work

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News – AU – Kangaroo bone tools excavated from a remote cave, estimated to be 35000 years ago