News – AU – MAFS 2021: Jake Edwards scandals exposed


The new season of Married At First Sight is pending, but groom, 32, Jake Edwards has already been the focus of infidelity rumors

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Just off of Jake’s Instagram, there’s already so much to say about this MAFS candidate – he’s a CEO of a mental health charity, he likes animals, has tattoos, plays footy, and goes to the gym

Former VFL player can apparently also play guitar and sing, which are skills that are sure to be aired on the dating show, but it’s his personal life before the reality show that really gets his tongues wagging

Before the premiere, the drama went down on Instagram when friends of Jake’s ex-fiance Paige proclaimed him a not-so-great person

On her Instagram story, a friend said, “First and foremost, UEG on ‘EX AFL Star’ (A response to a Daily Mail headline)

Another angry friend posted some shady comments in his story accusing him of misbehaving in the past

“Good luck for his future. In the middle of it all, it is somewhere in him to apply for MAFS”, was the comment

As rumors rise online about the CEO’s alleged seedy past, Jake has been talking about Novas Fitzy and Wippa

When asked by Fitzy if he broke up with his ex to go on the show, Jake replied, “I was engaged but we broke up 12 months before the show, so the rumor was completely wrong is “

It appears that Jake confirmed he wasn’t getting on well with his ex-fiancée when former VFL star Fitzy said he didn’t let her know he was going on MAFS

“No, there was no contact, and the reason is because I know the relationship we were having at the time, I believed that it would probably make me feel really awful if I did that do this and go to the show and I would probably have retired, “Jake said

According to Married At First Sight, Jake couldn’t find a woman who wasn’t “trying to take advantage of him,” and he wants to be loved for who he is inside

Jake also stated that he broke up with his ex-fiancé because he realized he “no longer loved her” “

In his interview with Fitzy and Wippa, however, it seems that the compatriot thinks his MAFS wife Rebecca is attractive, but doesn’t have much to say about her personality

But when it came to answering how well their personalities were connected, he cryptically replied, “You have to wait and watch tonight, and you will get an understanding of our personalities”

Jake’s Instagram is a wild place, at least that’s one way of describing its chaos

His bio is “Charmant Wohltätig Old School” and is a fan of long, inspiring captions on his posts, which is pretty hectic as he is only a little over 7 at the time of publicationHas 000 followers

MAFS isn’t the first time Jake has been in the spotlight – and once had a career in the VFL. In 2015, Jake ended up forming the men’s mental health organization outside the locker room

For the past six years he has toured Australia sharing his experiences with depression and suicide survival

Jake worked with former I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Star, Dipper aka Robert PiPierdomenico, and can even count The Bachelor’s Brooke Blurton as a fan – the season six star sponsored Jake’s Tackling Suicide game in March 2019 in Perth

If Jake’s drama causes a stir before the season airs, fans are about to have an epic season

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News – AU – MAFS 2021: Jake Edwards’ scandals exposed