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Air Canada’s Michael Rousseau takes the helm of Canada’s largest airline at a time when there are several crises, the largest of which is not of his own manufacture

Among the many issues Rousseau has to deal with, three should be highlighted: the ongoing travel restrictions amid coronavirus concerns that have brought Canadian air traffic to its knees; the recent recertification of the airline’s Boeing 737 Max fleet, which has been idle for nearly two years; and a takeover – more than 18 months in preparation – which has yet to lead to a satisfactory result

On 15 In February, the 61-year-old succeeded long-time Air Canada leader Calin Rovinescu, who headed the company as Chief Executive for more than 12 years and previously served as Chief Restructuring Officer during the airline’s restructuring

So Rousseau has some big shoes to fill.But Rousseau himself is also an Air Canada insider with a long history.He has been Chief Financial Officer since 2007 and was named Deputy Chief Executive in 2019

Rousseau’s biggest headache in the months to come will likely be how to recover from the devastating coronavirus crisis and the apparent lack of government interest in the country’s healthy aviation industry

Border closings, flight closings, test regulations and strict quarantine orders – both at the national and provincial level with no end in sight – have prevented the country’s airlines from bringing their flight schedules back to a sense of normalcy

Furthermore, the challenge has been exacerbated by the lack of sector-specific financial relief from the Canadian government, similar to stimulus programs in the US and many European countries

Challenge number two is the airline’s proposed acquisition of Air Transat – which was a good idea when the two announced their merger in July 2019 with a view to 2020 deadline

The low-cost leisure airline and package tour specialist, headquartered in Montreal like Air Canada, would give the old airline a greater presence in the southern sun resort vacation market

While shareholders of both companies approved the deal ahead of the coronavirus crisis, concerns from both Canadian and European competition watchdogs dragged the process and Transat’s sharp drop in value as a result of the steep drop in demand due to local orders and other travel restrictions forced Air Canada to cut its offer from $ 18 per share to just $ 5

Transat shareholders have also approved of this offer, and Canadian regulators have approved the merger, but the deal remains pending after a deadline of Jan. February has expired and European approval is still pending

Meanwhile, the airline’s 737 Max fleet returned after a break of nearly two years on Jan. February Final Return to Passenger Service Air Canada has returned six of its 24 Max aircraft Part of Rousseau’s job will be to help the airline instill passenger confidence in this guy

The airline has recognized that given the public caused by the accidents and subsequent landing, passengers may not yet feel comfortable flying the Max and is offering a generous policy to allow customers to: to switch their bookings to another aircraft type

Planning to launch transatlantic flights during what is at best a pandemic recovery period may seem foolhardy, however, under the leadership of Robin Hayes, JetBlue Airways plans to enter a market that has been fiercely defended by network operators to the point where most Disruptors occur

Goh Choon Phong, CEO of Singapore Airlines, faces another difficult year amid the pandemic and the foundation of the airline’s multi-hub strategy.Of the SIA Group’s 185 aircraft, only 64 passenger jets and seven freighters were in at the beginning of February In use, 123 jets were parked and transported passengers

By the time the aviation industry emerges from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be more in debt than ever for companies that have had to turn to governments for financial help, this new debt may even be most evident feel when the airline is getting closer to something

As the Covid-19 crisis moves into its second year, we introduce some of the airline bosses whose success or otherwise will be critical to the industry’s recovery in 2021

Ethiopian Airlines under Tewolde Gebremariam is already a largely undisputed international force among African airlines before the pandemic and can continue to expand their presence on the continent once the pandemic threat subsides. In February, Gebremariam notes that this along with the Ethiopia’s uniquely strong financial performance in the region is the case

Of the myriad of challenges facing the airline’s executives this year, securing government approval to operate international services will be among the more pressing concerns Australia and its flagship Qantas are an early example of the possible disagreement in January Qantas started selling seats

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News – AU – Michael Rousseau – Air Canada
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