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Superman and Lois approach Lexor Lois warns the man of steel to be careful on his return as it is the official United Planets deal No Attack on the Reticulants and Lex Luthor

Superman agrees to stay in the circulating ship while Lois goes to meet the population. Of course, that doesn’t take long and he sneaks onto Lexor’s moon to reprogram the reticulants

When Lois receives a tour of Lexor, she warns Lex that she is well aware of his reticulants looting nearby planets, regardless of the involvement of United Planets, one of the planets under the membership is likely to seek revenge, so the criminal activity Lois also examines Lexor’s dire finances and assures Lex that Lexor would not suffer now as part of the United Planet

At this moment, the miners are stunned that Lexor’s core are mountains and mountains of the most powerful mineral in the universe – deuterium crystals

Suddenly Lexor is the richest planet in existence and Lex is unwilling to share the deuterium. Lex wants to terminate his membership so he can keep the wealth to himself

Lois points out that it is part of the United Planets unless she withdraws Lexor, of course Lex orders the United Planets agent to be executed and holds Lois hostage until she changes her mind about membership

Superman returns the ship to see Lexor’s live feed, but when the red sun rises he only has three minutes of superpowers to rely on

The trapped Superman runs to the rescue with Lois, but meets Lex in his vintage combat suit and the Lexor population who are fighting for him

Meanwhile, Lois finds one of the miner’s suits and enables him to formulate his own plan

Of course Lex can’t keep up with Mr. and Mrs. Superman, but the Kents have one final slap in the face to treat Lex Luthor and he won’t take the consequences lying down

Perhaps the most entertaining Superman story since the Bendis era, Russell shows that he knows the core appeal of Superman, Lois, and Lex. Interested in hearing what readers think

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That possible future for Earth-0 (I suppose this is Earth-0?), especially for Lois and Superman, especially Lois’ dealings with Lex and his planet Lexor in relation to the United Planets, has been fascinating around Seeing the game as a whole often managed to knock Lex down a pencil or two

I think Lois hit it off (she’s representing the United Planets here), and it was cool to see Superman getting involved towards the end, too

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Superman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane

News – AU – Mild Mannered Reviews – Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex # 2
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