News – AU – Mitsubishi Express Van awarded zero stars by ANCAP


The safety of the Mitsubishi Express has been rated by ANCAP, and the results are not good. In fact, the zero-star award is the lowest score ANCAP has ever given in its entire 28-year history

In a statement, the agency said the Express had “significant risk of serious injury to the driver’s chest” in three of the four destructive crash tests (frontal offset, full-width frontal test, and cantilever tests)

“A penalty was also imposed for potential hard kneel contact points for the driver in head-on collisions and close to the maximum penalty for” aggressiveness “in head-on collisions with other vehicles

“Additional penalties were imposed for significant deformation of the side loading door in both the side impact and bar tests, creating openings that could allow partial ejection”

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“Aggression” refers to the risk of injury to the occupants of the other vehicles in the event of a collision

The press release goes on to say that a “high risk of neck injury” was identified during whiplash, with the risk of whiplash in passengers likely to be higher for both front row seating positions due to the basic design of the bench seat and headrests ”

The addition of salt to the wound is the lack of active safety features such as autonomous emergency braking and lane keeping systems, resulting in a “Safety Assist” value of seven percent. The other values ​​were 55 percent for adult protection, 40 percent for the Protecting vulnerable road users and N / A for protecting children

“Mitsubishi recently introduced the Express to our market, but its specifications do not meet today’s safety expectations,” said Carla Hoorweg, Managing Director of ANCAP

“Unfortunately, we saw below-average performance in protecting occupants and vulnerable road users in front of the express, with the results falling even further due to a fundamental lack of active safety systems”

“The van was developed according to the 2015 NCAP protocols for heavy vehicles. Since then, the application of driver assistance technologies has changed significantly, which is reflected in the new NCAP protocols this van has been tested against

The Express meets all of the Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards for vans, and ANCAP’s crash test results indicate a good level of occupant protection

Compared to competitors of similar age, the vehicle has a competitive position in terms of NCAP rating It has a 3 star rating (2015) in Europe, ANCAP has not reported the NCAP rating ”

The Express continues to sell in New Zealand Stuff also contacted Renault, which sells the almost identical Trafic here (only the grille and badge differ) and was told the same thing

The Federal Chamber of the Automotive Industry (FCAI) in Australia has questioned whether ANCAP has to evaluate the Express at all

The problem lies in the fact that the Renault Trafic has been tested and awarded three stars under the Euro NCAP safety program (which uses ANCAP for vehicles that are not locally tested)

“Euro NCAP and ANCAP claim they are effectively harmonized However, this is not reflected in the actions of ANCAP, “said Tony Weber, CEO of the FCAI

“Why may ANCAP give up to 500000 USD, including tax money, to run a test on a six-year-old vehicle that was evaluated in 2015 by its sister organization EuroNCAP? “

In defense, Carla Hoorweg, General Manager of ANCAP said that Express’s Australian specifications are inconsistent with current security expectations. She added that ANCAP uses ratings based solely on EuroNCAP ratings, the three star rating for However, the Trafic applies specifically to minivan variants and requires a further test

In addition, ANCAP does not transmit cross-brand vehicle ratings if a new vehicle is released more than two years after the original rating

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News – AU – Mitsubishi Express Van awarded zero stars by ANCAP
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