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The window for using the franchise and transition days is finally open from today February to 9th March NFL teams can designate a Franchise or Transition Tag player But that now begs the question, Should the Baltimore Ravens be using Franchise Tag this year?

While the Ravens have some free agents this offseason, the only ones who would make sense as franchise tag options are Matthew Judon and Yannick Ngakoue, both players are considered the best free agents this offseason, which makes them attractive options For many teams when they meet the Free Agency, however, between the cost of the franchise day, the free agency options available, and both actors producing in 2020, there is reason to look at all of the sides before making a decision

Franchise Tag: The Franchise Tag is the most common due to the security it offers teams. Once the Franchise Tag has been applied, that player is prevented from meeting the free agency, but this is expensive as it is on based on the five-year average cap percentage of the five highest paid players in that position. Transition Day: The transition day is also a one-year, fully guaranteed contract. Instead of basing the cost on the top 5 players in that position, it is based on the top 10 players expanded which makes them a little cheaper but comes with other costs as other teams can continue to negotiate and sign the transition day player to offer hands that the original team only has five days left p>
With so much uncertainty about the 2021 NFL salary cap, the cost of the franchise and transition tags is just as muddy, Over The Cap estimates the franchise tag for Yannick Ngakoue’s defensive end is around $ 17 Going to $ 75M After franchise tag was already used for outside linebacker Matthew Judon last season, it’s expected to cost around $ 20m to run again, which is really the first problem Baltimore has even seen the franchise this off-season. Day Considered With the salary cap expected to go down for the first time in over a decade, the Ravens don’t have a lot of cash to spend this off-season using most of the cap space on the franchise day would allow the team to meet other needs Limit, Significantly Since no final salary caps or franchise tag numbers have yet been announced, a e Planning beyond the use of the tag is currently almost impossible

The Franchise Tag gives a team more time and leverage to work on a long-term contract renewal. It can also be a way for a team to tag and swap a player for whom it wants to get more, but this flexibility has a very high price and is only suitable for the elite players. In Baltimore’s case, neither Ngakoue nor Judon actually produced at the elite level in 2020. Although there are some reasons for the lackluster production and the Ravens may take a more long-term approach to using the franchise Want to Track Tags, the Stats Sheet Don’t Lie Judon’s production dropped dramatically last year, from 9 to 95 sacks in 2019 to just six in 2020.Ngakoue only made up three sacks in nine games with Baltimore, and combined with his six games With the Minnesota Vikings, Ngakoue only posted eight sacks in 2020, but sack numbers fell across the league when the S Offenses got the ball out of the game faster to counter blitzing and elite pass rushers Aside from the league-wide question, both Judon and Ngakoue have individual reasons for their lackluster production, as well as some positive reasons beyond what they did in 2020 have Judon is a versatile player who can line up anywhere on the field and is vital to what the defense does other than just firing the quarterback. He’s great at setting the edge, is a capable run- Defender and Sometimes Even Falling Back Under cover Judon is a weapons defense coordinator who Don Martindale can use to mismatch and free up other players to do other things with Ngakoue was traded mid-season, which undoubtedly affected his game, but when he was on – how to be against former team, the Jacksonville Jaguars – Ngakoue was a force to be reckoned with on his limited Rol le in defending the ravens didn’t do him a favor either, and it’s easy to see how a full off-season with a team can get him back in shape, unfortunately, sacks are, to a large extent, the measure of an EDGE’s success Defender in the NFL Judon hasn’t hit double-digit sacks in his career and Ngakoue is three seasons away from his only year putting up that type of production, while both Judon and Ngakoue should be considered very good EDGE defenders there are rightly asked some questions as to whether they can reach the elite level worthy of franchise day or massive contract renewal

The Ravens would probably have an easier time making this decision if it weren’t for so many great options in the free agency While other teams could use Franchise Tag to keep some of these people from having a free hand, There is still an abundance of talent As of now, the free agency will have people like Shaquil Barrett, JJ Watt, Bud Dupree, Carl Lawson, Jadeveon Clowney, Melvin Ingram, and Leonard Floyd.Some of these names have consistently higher production histories than Ngakoue and Judon while others offer mediocre options, just like Baltimore’s pair of freelance agents, regardless of which is a lot of available talent, which usually means the position’s value will be brought down, even if it doesn’t, there are enough options so that the Ravens don’t necessarily have to go to the bank for similar production

When you factor in the cost of the franchise day, the uncertainty about the salary cap, both players’ production, and what other options will be available in the free agency; The answer is pretty clear.It just doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Ravens to invest most of their available space in a player they don’t even want to bring back if Ngakoue and Judon are given the chance to try the free agency, you could actual value goes down if teams are careful with them, which could result in a return to Baltimore on long-term contract renewals with a much more reasonable cap hit worst case scenario is teams are as desperate for Pass Rush help as they are in anyone another year and not worrying about the salary cap issues and paying the top dollar for the players.But even at this point, the Ravens could just sign one of the available free agents for a long term contract that has a lower cap of 2021 and give them the means to continue attacking free agencies or doing business too Find when they want Baltimore just sit back and let things come to their own. The Ravens are a championship-caliber team and should get a lot of attention themselves. As long as Baltimore doesn’t let desperation drive their decisions, the chance for a far better one is far better Value and even a detriment to production

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News – AU – NFL teams can now use Franchise Tag, but should the Ravens?