News – AU – Oculus Quest 2 multi-user accounts and app sharing begin on launch


Last month, Facebook announced that it would introduce two new features that were most requested by the Oculus community: user accounts and app sharing

With multi-user accounts, multiple accounts can log into one headset.With these two functions, a primary account holder can create up to three secondary accounts for their virtual reality headset and share the apps they have purchased with these secondary accounts.The function enables a secure Approval, but game progress and achievements are personalized and saved separately for each account

In January of this year, Facebook announced that the two functions would be introduced in February and would be available initially as experimental functions of the Quest 2 headset and finally at a later date for all other Quest owners

On 18 February, app-sharing and multi-user accounts were introduced as experimental features for Oculus Quest 2, announced on the Oculus blog. Users of the original Quest headset will have access to these new features at a later date

The Oculus Quest headset has become a shared device for many users The new features make it easier for users, especially in a shared environment like a household, to share their Quest headsets. Facebook has already explained in detail how app sharing and multi-user accounts work

The app sharing function was immediately effective for all new apps in the Quest Store from mid-February. Some of the older games do not yet support this function and have to be implemented manually by the developers

You can now let others use your Quest headset and try out the various VR experiences without necessarily giving them full access to your account information and hard-earned game results

The multi-user and app sharing features allow owners to sign in to multiple accounts in a virtual reality headset and share the Oculus Store apps they have purchased with these additional accounts (secondary accounts) With app sharing, game progress and achievements are unique for each account, the owner can also manage their own friend lists, browsing history, privacy settings, and more, and even lock the account using an unlock pattern before sharing the headset with other users like friends and family (the secondary accounts) passes

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News – AU – Oculus Quest 2 multi-user accounts and app sharing begin rolling out
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